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A Convenient Way to get back Files from an Android Memory card

For instance, think of a scenario wherein you might have recorded numerous videos and clicked pictures on your Android Smart phone on a trip and you happen to store all those files in memory card. Later, your friend wants to view your captured photos and video clips but unfortunately deletes few files. Now you may start contemplating as how to bring back those erased images from the Android phones memory card?

For this particular query, the solution is right here in this article! You can surely retrieve lost or deleted media files from Android memory card. But the first thing you need to do after encountering such situation is, instantly stop using the said Android mobile phone and don’t save any new files. As writing new data to memory card might lead to overwriting of deleted as well as lost files and decreases the chances of recovery.

Situations Which Brings about Data Loss on Android Memory card:

  • Unintentional deletion of files from memory card
  • Unsafe removal of memory card during file transfer.
  • A breach in the security.
  • File corruption in the memory card as a result of virus
  • Accidental format of the Android memory card
  • Application malfunction on the Android phone
  • Software glitches
  • Hardware malfunctions on the Android Smartphone and so on.

If you happen to encounter such data loss scenarios when using the Android device then don’t stress out! Because now it really is simple to restore deleted as well as lost data by making use of fabulous android memory card recovery software like Remo Recover.

Top features of Remo Recover Tool for Android Memory card

  • Remo Recover software is usually a greatly recommended and evaluated by data recovery specialists throughout the world.
  • This program has the capacity to restore lost or deleted data from memory card ranging from several brands such as SanDisk, Kingston, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, HP, Transcend, and so on within a short period of time.
  • By utilizing this software, you could recover numerous file formats, video files such as MOV, MPG, RM, 3GP, M4V, MPEG, and so on. Photo files like GIF, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, and so on, audio format like AIFF, MP3, MIDI, AMR, MP4, and many others with much simplicity and convenience.
  • The software comes with read only function and during recover process it ensures secure file recovery procedure without affecting the original file.

Can I Install Remo Recover Software on my Android Phone?

This outstanding Android file recovery tool may be easily installed on just about all chief variants of Windows OS. Nevertheless, by connecting pretentious Android cell phone to Microsoft windows PC, end user can recover lost or perhaps even deleted files. But you should not install this program directly on your Smartphone.

On the other hand, Remo Recover software programmers are developing application intended for Smartphone’s, to ensure that Android users can readily install this specific program on his Android gadget and perform the file recovery. For more info visit here.

Safety Instructions:

  • Have the habit of taking useful backup of your respective Android memory card files on an external memory or system hard disk drive and up-date it on a regular basis. This can save the Android files after you lose them under any circumstances.
  • Be watchful while getting rid of files on Android memory card and always make sure to use ‘safely remove’ option before removing the memory card.
  • Use certified antivirus application and scan the memory card on frequently.
  • You shouldn’t use the same memory card on various other electronic gadgets.
  • Avoid using the memory card when it’s almost running on its full capacity.

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