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How to Delete a Partition on External Hard Drive

You may look for various solutions to delete partitions on an external drive. Well, deleting a partition is a simple; here is how to remove the partition in a simple way. Here we are making use of Disk Management to remove partition which even allows you to resize, create, and format the partitions without any third party software.

External HDD

Steps to remove partition

  • Initially, right click on My PC, choose Manage, a new window appears, under Computer Management go to Storage and select Disk Management. Or open Control Panel by typing control panel in the search bar next to the Windows button.
  • In the control panel, type Partition in the search bar and click on the link below the administrative tools
  • Then a new dialog box appears, which is divided into two panes. One is the top pane which displays the number of partitions created on your HDD whereas the bottom panel represents a graphical representation of the storage devices.
  • Now, move to the particular partition which you want to remove. For this, right-click the partition that is to be deleted, there hit on delete option. Then a window pops up asking you “Deleting this volume will erase all the data saved on it. Backup any data you want before deleting it. Do you want to continue?”
  • Just hit on “Yes”. Now it displays, unallocated space in your drive.

Then right-click on the unallocated space and choose extend the volume. A new window appears just follow the commands. Then the unallocated space displayed will be removed from Disk Management window. Now go back to My PC, right click on the disk from which you removed the partition. As you click on refresh, it shows the amount of free storage space on the disk.

However, while deleting unwanted partitions to make free space on your drive, if you accidentally delete important ones then here is a solution. Yes! To restore deleted partition just download and install Remo Recover tool.

Know more about Remo Recover tool

The advanced scanning algorithm of Remo Recover tool scans the entire drive to restore deleted partition. The simple step by step procedure of the tool lets even novice users on how to recover a deleted partition on external hard drive with ease. Various partitions such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS+, HFSX partition data recovery is supported by this utility. External drives of various brands such as Buffalo, Toshiba, WD, Seagate, etc. are supported by this tool.

Steps to Restore Crashed Hard Disk Drive

Computer’s internal as well as external hard disk drives can get crashed at any point of time, due to which a blank blue screen appears when we turn on our system at that time. In such circumstance, we could not find any option to click due to which we face severe data loss. There are wide variety of reasons behind hard drive getting crash, most frequent and common ones are listed below.

  1. Hard disk gets crash physically due to various reasons like malfunction or faults in hard drive like read/write head crash, formation of excessive bad sectors, exposing hard drive to overheat, moisture, aging of hard drive, mechanical or physical failures, etc. are the reasons behind inaccessible of the hard drives
  2. The other one is logical crash of the hard drives that happens due to operating system malfunction, human errors, partitioning or repartitioning errors, virus/malware infection, incorrect formatting of the hard drive, interruptions while formatting, and other technical issues. After logical failure of the hard drive, system becomes unbootable and so all our data becomes inaccessible

Don’t get upset when your hard drive crashes physically or logically, because many data recovery tools are available to restore crashed hard drive. The best thing is selecting Remo Recover software, which is well-known as hard drive crash recovery software that restore crashed hard drive in few clicks.

Hard Drive Crash Recovery Software to Restore Crashed HDD:


Remo Recover software, nowadays is a trending hard drive crash recovery software that scans, recognizes and recovers more than 300 types of files from a crashed hard drive with great ease. This software is designed specially with advanced scanning algorithms that assists in recovering data from crashed, dead, corrupted, and hard drive with excessive bad sectors. Moreover, it supports data recovery from crashed HDD of various types such as SCSI, IDE, SATA, SSD, and many more. Just launch and run the demo version to evaluate the tool prior purchase. After running the demo version, you can view the recovered files before saving. To save the recovered files, you need to activate the complete version.

Benefits of using Remo Recover Tool:

  1. Demo version comes out with advanced feature “Save Recovery Session” to save the entire recovery process. So that, after activating the full edition, you need not rescan your hard drive again, instead with “Open Recovery Session” button, you can save the recovered files at your desired location
  2. It supports recovery from RAID, RAID0, RAID3, and RAID 5 partitions
  3. If you want to recover a particular type of files, you can use “Signature Search” option provided in the software
  4. The recovered files can be sorted based on various file attributes like file name, file type, size, and date. Also these recovered files can be compressed to increase the free disk space
  5. It also supports data recovery from other devices including memory cards, external hard drives, flash drives, pen drives, FireWire drives, thumb drives, etc.
  6. Remo Recover tool creates a disk image of the crashed hard drive and recovers all your files safely and securely without missing single file

Steps to Restore External hard Disk Data

Though external hard drives are considered as the safest place for storing our important data, some unexpected situations lead us to face data loss problems from our external hard disks. No more worries for users those who have lost or deleted their data from external hard disks. Here is an excellent solution to restore external hard disk data. Remo Recover software, designed by a team of professionals recovers all your deleted and lost files from external hard disks with great ease.

How Data gets Lost or Deleted from External Hard Disks?

  1. Accidental Deletion when external HDD plugged in to your computer
  2. Unintentional formatting, i.e., when you want to format a particular logical drive of your external hard disk, you may accidentally format a wrong drive instead of the required drive
  3. Sudden system shutdown or abrupt ejection of external hard drive from the system, when file transfer process going on between computer and external hard drive can result in data loss
  4. Corruption to the file system of external hard drive logical drive can lead to inaccessible of the drive, due to which data saved in that particular drive becomes inaccessible. Improper usage of external hard drive leads to file system corruption
  5. Virus infection, deletion by antivirus tool, bad sectors, hard drive crash, repartition, etc., are some of the other data loss scenarios from external hard disks

images (1)

To prevent above mentioned data loss scenarios, it is safer to have back up of all the important files and folders. Suppose, if you don’t have data back up and come across any of these scenarios, then first of all avoid further usage of your external hard disk in order to prevent data overwriting. Then, take the benefit of Remo Recover software and perform external hard drive recovery task with utmost ease. This external hard disk recovery software has an ability to recognize and recover more than 300 types of files in few clicks.

Key Features of Remo Recover Tool:

Trial version of this software is available for free download, thereby it allows users to evaluate the tool before purchasing. Demo version, with its advanced scanning technology scans external hard disk thoroughly and recovers all your lost and deleted files in few clicks. After the completion of scanning process, demo version permits you to preview the recovered files in either Data View or File Type View.

You can even save the entire data recovery process in demo version using “Save Recovery Session” option. Thereby, after you purchase the tool, you need not have to rescan your external hard drive again, instead you can resume with saved recovery session using “Open Recovery Session” button. This software supports external hard drive recovery on all versions of Windows OS. Data from different types of hard drive interfaces such as SATA, PATA, SCSI, and IDE can be recovered with this software.

How to Restore data from Maxtor Hard Drive

Remo recover is the Maxtor datamaxtor recovery software which recovers data from the Maxtor hard drive which is lost or corrupted because of various reasons. With the help of advanced powerful algorithm this recovery tool deeply scans your Maxtor hard drive and fetches all the data present in it. The recovery process is completely automated and within few clicks you can easily recover any type of data from the hard drive. This toolkit allows you to retrieve data which is lost due to the deletion, disk formatting, hard drive corruption, etc. Recovered data are displayed in the form of list and you can view data in Data Type View or File Type View.

Important characteristics of Remo Recover:

  • Recovered data from the Maxtor hard drive can be arranged on basis of name and file type. And this tool can detect and recover more than 300 different file types.
  • All the recovered data from the Maxtor hard drive can be saved to any storage location which is accessible by the Windows operating system.
  • It provides free inbuilt preview option which allows you to view the recovered data and save recovery session to save the scanned session which avoids rescanning of drives.
  • Demo version of this software is available without any cost, so you can download and check the efficiency of this tool before purchasing the licensed version.

Additional benefits of Remo Recover:

  • Remo recover software is compatible and works well on all the versions of Windows operating system like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc.
  • Recovers data from hard disk brands such as LaCie, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Hitachi, etc. and secondary storage devices like flash drives, external hard disks, pen drives, memory cards and many more.
  • Recovers data from Maxtor hard drive that is having different file systems like NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT.
  • If the Maxtor hard disk drive contains any bad sectors, this recover tool allows you to recover data by creating Disk Images.

How data is lost from Maxtor hard drives?

Data stored in the Maxtor hard drives can be lost because of the following scenarios:

  • Improper repartitioning of the Maxtor hard disk could lead to loss or inaccessibility of data stored in it.
  • Due to virus or malware infections data present in the Maxtor hard drive can be affected badly.
  • Because of known or unknown reasons file structure of Maxtor HDD might get corrupted and cause data loss or deletion.

Steps to install Remo Recover:

Download Remo Recover software on to your Windows operating system and run the application by clicking on the icon and select Recover Drives from the main wizard. Choose Partition Recovery option and select the Maxtor hard disk to recover data from it. Click on Next button to start the recover process. Once the completion of recover process all restored data are shown in the form of list. The inbuilt preview option is provided to view the recovered files. you can save the restored files by using save option which is available in licensed version.

Easy Way to Rescue Data from External Toshiba HD

Even though Toshiba Hard Drive is a highly considered HDD by the users, you may confront many problems related to hard disk. Drive related problems are a serious topic because HDD is a storage device which contains all your valuable files. So could you ever think of losing all those files from the hard disk? Do not get upset since you will never have to think like that as long as you are using Remo Recover Mac Software to recover data Toshiba external hard drive.

There are many reasons by which one can prove that Remo Recover tool is one of the best tools for Toshiba external hard drive Recovery. Here is a brief description about the software which will prove you the relevance of the Remo Recover.

About Remo Recover Mac

Remo Recover Mac is dominant software which can retrieve lost or deleted files from Hard Drive. It can also retrieve data from lost or missing partitions, repartitioned drives and from formatted or reformatted partitions. Utility can restore data from disks having bad sectors which has been damaged and are not accessible, by providing disk image which produces the exact mirror image of the Hard disk. For the software, drive recovery is a very quick process and the application recovers around 300 file types. The software can even get back files from hard disk that fails to boot. Now let’s discuss some features of Remo Recover which makes it exceptional from others:

Distinctive features of Remo Recover

  • Scans the whole drive within minutes to recover data
  • Arrange the retrieved data on the basis of date, file type, size, name
  • The utility retrieves data even if the HDD is crashed
  • It can also restore data from external flash memory cards such as SD,XD,MMC and can also find the data from external USB drives
  • Fix data from file systems such as HFS, HFS+ and EXFAT drives
  • Remo Recover is built with simple GUI and so it is user friendly tool for executing the steps
  • Software consumes only 50MB of the disk space for installation
  • Round the clock service for any problem related to software

Reviewing the features of Remo Recover Mac will give you an idea on Toshiba hard drive recovery, by which you can acquire all your deleted or lost files from Toshiba hard disk in Mac. Now let’s discuss about the causes of Toshiba HDD data loss. There can be many reasons by which you might have lost your files in Toshiba hard drive. Some of the causes of data loss are listed below through which you may be capable of knowing the reasons of your drive problem:

  • Accidental deletion of files from Toshiba HD will lead to loss of files
  • Unintentional formatting of files from Toshiba disk while attempting to delete some other partition from HD
  • Toshiba HDD might get deleted  if there is any virus infection in the drive
  • Corruption in file systems can also cause loss of files from hard disk drive
  • Formation of bad sectors in disk which damage the hard drive can also result in loss of data in Toshiba hard disk

Performing Lost Partition Recovery the Reliable Way

Simply put, partitioning is the process to divide a mass storage device into separate or independent hard drive memory sections. In Windows OS enabled computers, you can partition a new hard disk, and each partition shall work like a separate memory disk drive. Partitioning is particularly beneficial if you run multiple operating systems on one computer. For illustration, you might reserve one partition for Windows 8.1 and another for Windows 10 or keep one partition for Windows 8 and other for Windows XP.

Additionally, partitioning in Windows and DOS running machines can increase disk efficiency appreciably. This is because the FAT file system utilized by these operating systems routinely allocates cluster size while using hard disk size and hence, more substantial the disk, the bigger the cluster size. But, large clusters can lead to wastage of disk space for creating slack space. To help partitioning process and make better use of your precious disk space, there are many application available over the internet. In case if you delete a hard drive partition accidentally when partitioning process or you somehow just lost the hard disk partitions as a consequence of virus / malware attacks, etc. you will likely have to retrieve deleted or missing partitions.

How can partitions be recovered once they are deleted / lost?

The answer to this is not as much complex as you imagine – the partition data once it get deleted or lost, it is only invisible to the operating system and hence to the user, but the fact of the matter is that the deleted / lost content is still available on the hard disk drive memory. Whether partition data can be identified by the system or not relies on the partition table. In the event when the partition table is harmed by virus or is erased unintentionally, you will not be able to see the partition. However, you can make use of Remo Recover partition recovery program in order to restore deleted or missing hard disk drive partitions and all of its data untouched.

A reliable way of recovering lost or erased partitions:

Is your hard disk drive inaccessible, or are you a victim of a damaged / corrupted disk partition, or have you accidentally deleted / lost your hard drive partition? It does not make much difference which situation you experience, Remo Recover software will do the job of restoring partitioned data for you by performing lost partition recovery. It is a professional hard disk partition recovery software for all Windows OS running computers that include Win 10 / 8.1 / Win 8/ 7 / Win Vista / XP / Windows Server 2008 / 2003 and more. This tool lets you reliably to fix corrupted hard drive, and recover deleted or missing partition data from it. With intuitive and easy-to-use graphical interface, Remo Recover can conveniently extract all files from erased or lost partition without any technical guidance.

Retrieve Files from Inaccessible Hard Disk

Recover Data from inaccessible hard drive

“Need help!!! I lost enormous collections of files that were saved on hard drive of my computer. Awhile ago I had made limited number of partitions on hard drive to save just vital records because of which system execution was fast and it was not difficult to get to file. Keeping this in mind, again partitioned hard drive into more partitions, however neglected to recognize expanded number of bad sectors. One fine day when I was looking important file related with work got to realize that hard drive was totally corrupted and was not ready to distinguish any read/write activities. Is it possible to restore files from inaccessible drive? If yes, let me know the best software to perform file recovery from inaccessible drive. Thank you.”

Totally yes, you can retrieve files from inaccessible hard drive utilizing best software called Remo Recover which is highly proposed by industrial experts.

How hard drive will become inaccessible?

As hard drive is one the storage device available on electronic devices like computer, laptop to save different file sorts, users typically divide into different segments called partitions so that files can be accessed easily. In such cases, if those partitions contain expanded number of bad sectors, errors or extremely infected from viruses then hard drive will become inaccessible.

Some more reasons that make hard drive inaccessible are listed below.

Virus Attack – There are numerous ways for viruses to get into your system like when downloading softwares from unknown sites, replicating information from infected device and so forth. These viruses can repeat themselves to spread across hard drive and gradually make hard drive inaccessible.

Unpredictable Conditions – Sudden power failure, unexpected system shut down while review, accessing data on hard drive are some of the sudden conditions that are responsible for drive to become inaccessible.

Inconsistent Third Party Applications – Hard drive gets corrupted because of untrustworthy third party tools that are downloaded and installed from infected sites.

Why Remo Recover?

Remo Recover is perfect software that can get back files from inaccessible hard drive. It can scan whole drive in few minutes utilizing advanced recovery algorithms to retrieve files from inaccessible drive. This product is composed with simple GUI interface that encourages new users to download and install it easily. Overall it is one of the reliable, safe software that guarantees 100% data recovery rate and also explains how to restore files from inaccessible drive successfully.

Striking features of Remo Recover

  • Safe – software which is used to retrieve files from inaccessible drive is scanned utilizing most recent adaptation of antivirus software
  • Find Tool – help users to locate their recouped files effectively from immense list of data
  • Save Recovery Session – avoids rescanning of drive and thus time can be saved
  • 24*7 technical group – to solve any issues that occurs during recovery process, establishment and so forth.
  • Compatible – with different versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003 to retrieve files from inaccessible drive
  • Demo version – is available for free of cost to check the ampleness of software ahead of time
  • This software gives help page to know about how to recognize failed hard drive. Visit this URL for more information.

Safety measures

  • Always preserve backup of critical information to overcome loss/deletion of data from failed drive
  • Connect your system to UPS while reviewing, modifying information on hard drive or while rescuing data from inaccessible drive

• Make use of reliable third party tools to keep system away from viruses

How to unformat ExFAT partition using Remo Recover?

“I am user of Windows operating system from very long period and Ihad maintained all files in an organized way by dividing hard drive into equal partitions. Last week, I got a message to format one partition as the table present in exFAT file system waswrong because of which it was unable locate files available in that particular partition. I cannot perform format option on that partition because it contains important files and I have not even preserved backup of those files. How to restore datapresent in exFAT partition?”

Absolutely yes, if you opt for best recovery tool called Remo Recover it is possible to unformat ExFAT partition.

Partitions are nothing but different segments available on hard drive of computer that are mainly used to store data. There are many advantages of partitions like it increases speed of the system, permits to access more than one operating system on single computer, memory space can be utilized effectively. The details of all these partitions like size, filename, location will be present on file table like Extended File Allocation Table without which it is unable to locate files.

Let us have a look on scenarios that causes data loss from exFAT partition:

  • Presence of bad sectors – Increased number of bad sectors on exFAT partition, will block the data and loss of information from respective drive will occur
  • Unintentional formatting – Selecting  important files from exFAT partition accidentally  instead of unwanted files results in data loss
  • File system corruption – File system might get corrupted due to hardware, software conflicts that causes data loss from exFAT partition
  • Inaccurate transfer process – If there are any interruptions like sudden power loss, lack of memory, improper shut down of system in between the process of exchanging files from exFAT partition to other devices results in data loss
  • Other reasons – Reformatting, operating system corruption, virus attack, unreliable third party tools etc. are other reasons responsible for data loss from exFAT partition

Why Remo Recover?

  • Remo Recover is best recovery tool that can be used to restore data from exFAT partition very easily
  • It has the capacity to scan whole drive in few minutes for fast retrieval of data from exFAT partition
  • Recovery of data from different file systems like FAT16, FAT32 can be achieved
  • New users or less technical knowledge users can easily install it, as it is designed with simple user interface
  • With the help of a feature called Find tool, you can locate recovered files from huge data list
  • Technical team will be available for 24*7, if you have any issues during recovery process can be resolved as soon as possible
  • Remo Recover is all rounder software that can also be used to unformat media card and for more queries about retrieval process visit here.

Simple steps to be followed

  • Download and install the software
  • Select the drive on which recovery tool should be employed
  • Then scanning process on that drive will start
  • After which recovered files will be available in huge list of data
  • At last save the recovered files to particular destination



Can I recover data from physically damaged hard drive?

No, you cannot get back data from any physically damaged hard drive. If essential files are lost from physically damaged hard drive, there are chances of hard drive getting damaged to greater level. So, that the hard drive cannot be recognized by operating system and you might lose data. In such cases, it is impossible to rescue data to know more about it visit the mentioned URL

However, here is a ideal recovery tool called Remo Recover that can be utilized to rescue lost data from hard drive because of any logical reasons can be achieved and more information about the software click here.

Some of the common logical reasons that are responsible for losing data from hard drive are:

Bad sectors – Increased number of bad sectors on hard drive will make data inaccessible from drive and sometimes leads in corruption of hard drive.

Sudden power loss – While using hard drive for exchanging or retrieving data, if system shut downs frequently due to power loss might corrupt hard drive and data loss occurs

Other reasons – software malfunctioning, virus attack, hardware conflicts, operating system corruption etc are also responsible for hard drive corruption

Eye catching features of Remo Recover

  • Remo Recover can be used to restore data from crashed, corrupted hard drive
  • It will scan whole drive within less time
  • With the help of recovery algorithms, lost data from hard drive can be recovered at the earliest
  • Feature called Save Recovery Session, avoids rescanning of drive again
  • Technical team will be accessible for 24*7, if there is any interruptions during recovery process can be solved
  • Supports recovery of lost data from hard drive on Windows and Mac operating systems

Tips to remember

  • Have backup of important files
  • To decrease bad sectors, perform scanning process regularly
  • Always there should be power backup

Can I recover lost data from inaccessible hard drive??

Hard drive is an important part of any personal computer that gives its user huge storage space for saving and retrieving data. There are many scenarios that make your hard drive inaccessible like wrong registry entries, boot sector virus and many more. Inaccessible hard drive is one in which the already saved data cannot be read. Now how to overcome this problem??

Here is the best answer for your problem called Remo Recover software. Using this recovery tool it is very simple to restore the lost data from inaccessible hard drive within less time and for more information visit here.

Some of the general reasons that make hard drive inaccessible are:

Virus attack – Viruses are harmful bug, when they get into your computer while transferring data from hard drive to any other system, makes some of data unreachable.

Sudden power loss – While performing some of the actions like editing data or exchanging data on your hard drive, if there is sudden power loss then data might go missing.

Bad sectors – Increase number of bad sectors on hard drive makes data inaccessible.

Corrupt Windows registry – Registry is an important file that contains vital information about settings, options related to stored files and applications. If the value in registry is invalid, that effects the hard disk and data present in it cannot be accessed.

The entire drive will be scanned to retrieve lost data Remo Recover. It is designed with a simple user interface, so that less technical people can even install the software. Using Disk utility, an image will be created to bypass bad sectors present on hard drive, so that data can be retrieved easily in later stage. Facilitates Save Recovery Session that prevents rescanning of drive again and hence time can be saved. Technical team is available for the 24*7, using which you can clear all your interruptions when you come across recovery process. Remo Recover can be used to restore lost data from hard drive on any version of Windows like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista etc effectively. It can also be used to rescue data from corrupted Master Boot Record and for extended details visit the URL

Useful tips

  • Use reliable antivirus software
  • Always connect UPS to your computers
  • Keep backups of all important data