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Is it possible recover data from dead hard drive using Remo Recover?

In this modern world as the lifestyle of people are getting up-dated even the technologies are also improved day by day making the users of computer comfortable by providing advanced features. In present era, huge number of people makes use of PC’s, laptops for storing the essential files related to their work, photos, and videos taken in their joy full movements.  Many thinks storing sensitive data on a system or laptop might not be safer for very long time and use hard drives to preserve their important files. Hard drive is one of the storage device and most important component used to store data and retrieve. But they forget even from hard drive there are chances of losing data. Consider a simple example using Windows operating system, when you start up your system it might display blue screen during booting process and will not get cleared even after long time that indicates there is some crash in your computer.

It’s quite common to face  problems related to hard drive corruption like unable to access, taking more time to boot the system and so on for computer users. Generally there are many reasons for hard drive corruption in that major are physical and logical failures. Logical failures are type of errors that can be carried out in order to get the data from affected drives. Likewise, dead hard drive is one that cannot to accessed or connected to computer which enables the user to recover data from hard drive. But do not get tensed because there is one efficient data recovery tool called Remo Recover to restore data from dead hard disk.

Reasons that cause Hard drive dead:

Logical failure

In Logical failure there are many reasons that causes dead hard drive and some of them are damage in file structures like FAT, NTFS, HFS, human errors. Due to this the system cannot boot up properly in less time. In other terms it is also known as non-physical failure.

 Mac Grey Screen Death

It is one of the crashes that occur on Mac operating system. We can see this during the starting up of your system booting. Virus infection, improper shut down of your system, inaccurate removal of storage devices that are connected to your computer are some of the reasons that cause grey screen of death.

Virus infection

Due to the presence of unknown third party tools in your computer, some of the .exe files can be infected by virus may corrupt operating system, as .exe files are even present on operating system that causes hard drive dead.

Overview of Remo Recover

Remo Recover can be used to retrieve lost data from dead hard drive without any difficulties. The user can restore the data from dead hard drive using this software. This tool has the capacity to scan and recover data from entire drive within few minutes. It is even used to restore media files like audio, video, photos from hard drive. While getting back the lost files it will not alter the information present. Disk image files can be created to bypass the bad sectors and later data can be retrieved from this disk image files. With an option called preview the users can view the files in advance before saving on the destination.  Recovery of data from different brands of hard drive like Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi, Samsung etc is possible. Successfully supports the various versions of Windows like Windows vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 etc. Apart from this it is also utilized to retrieve lost data from Mac operating system without any complexity for more information visit

Safety measures:

  • Provide UPS always to your system
  • Keep backup of your sensitive data
  • Careful while formatting/reformatting operating system



Latest way to recover data from both Portable and Thumb Drives Using Remo Recover

Storage Devices as the name indicates is utilized to store information. Technically, storage devices are mainly used to store data and retrieve data .All the PC’s has USB ports and drives utilizing which storage devices might be linked with your PC to perform the related operation. There are distinctive brands of storage devices, yet commonly utilized storage devices are Flash Drive and Portable Hard Drive. At times when pressure is too much unknowingly you may lose the necessary data from your storage devices. In such cases you can retrieve files from portable hard drive using Remo Recover.

Features of Portable Hard Drive

• They have high storage capacity.

• Speed of data exchange from one system to another is fast.

• Independent on external power supply.

• Provides the feature called schedule for backup.

• Archiving of data is straightforward.

Features of Thumb Drive

• Smaller in size hence portable.

• Inexpensive.

• Reliable and comfortable.

• Easy to utilize

Consistent Scenarios through with data in Storage Devices get deleted

Accidental Deletion

In this present environment, users will be having one or the other pressure that will affect on their work like accidentally deleting essential file rather deleting unwanted data that causes data loss.

Improper Removal of Storage Devices

During the process of the data getting transferred from one computer to another.  All of sudden if the devices are removed improperly that makes the driveunreachable.

 File System Corruption

In reality when we utilize antivirus software in order to avoid virus attack to our systems, it sometimes turns dangerous. When antivirus come across any important file affected by virus without giving anyprior notice to the users, it will simply delete it.

Other General Reasons

Sudden shut down of PC, Power loss, corrupted file system, partition table and so on.

About Remo Recover

Remo Recover is one of the most ideal approaches to recover data from storage devices and it is even simple with less time. It can examine the whole drive and restore it few minutes. It has tool called “Find Tool” used to locate recovered data which support different types of file extension from all the recovered files. Even supports to recover data on USB flash drive which is different typeof storage devices.”Save Recovery Session” is one choice present in Remo Recover utilizing which you can save the restored data for future utilization. We can see the restored data before storing into the desired location.

Ideal Solution to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive

Hello guys, Are you experiencing the issue like, while deleting several useless data from hard drive you may inadvertently deleted few valuable files. After realizing, with expectation, you have searched it in Recycle Bin, but not able to find any files. Actually, while deleting files if you have used Shift + Delete keys, then that deletion will results in enduringly loss. At this point, you might be looking for most convenient software to obtain back such erased files from hard drive.

This type of catastrophe happens because of negligence or merely a bad luck to permanently deleting vital info from your system instead of deleting unwanted data. File deletion is a very common issue facing by many system users on a regular basis. If you have deleted a file by option delete, then you can effortlessly get it back from Recycle Bin folder through the use of restore option. In the event, if you have deleted files using the key combination Shift + Delete key option, then it is highly impossible to retrieve that files manually on Windows hard drive.

The most frequent reasons for data deletion from hard drive are listed below:

  • Shift + Delete Command: When you delete a file, using shift + delete key combination then that file bypasses from Recycle Bin and results in permanent loss. At times, this type of incidence happens mistakenly and compunction over such mistake because and let you not to retrieve info on hard disk.
  • Emptying Recycle Bin: Whatever you delete data from computer using delete option it resides in Recycle Bin folder. In the event if you delete large amount of data from system then that data bypasses from Recycle Bin because of exceed size. In case to make drive space free, if you empty the Bin folder then it’s not possible to restore such deleted data manually.

If you are experiencing data loss from these types of reasons, then just take advantage of Remo Recover software to get back deleted data from hard drive utmost ease.

Why Remo Recover is the Ideal Elucidation:

By making use of this tool, you can simply get back permanently deleted files utmost ease from Windows OS. This tool also supports other versions of Windows OS like Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008. This utility is designed by group of experts and has the capacity to scan complete hard drive within short time due to its powerful built in algorithms. It facilitates data recovery from different file systems like NTFS, NTFS5, FAT32, FAT16 and ExFAT on Windows based machines. Even you can undelete data from hard disk of PC enclosing SCSI, SATA and IDE utmost ease. One can easily utilize this program to retrieve permanently deleted data from Windows OS without having much technical knowledge.

By utilizing Remo Recover application, one can even perform image recovery Mac OS X on all chief versions of Mac OS (Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard), etc. without any intricacy. It supports recovery of all types of picture file formats such as BMP, TIFF, TIF, GIF, JPG, JPEG and so forth.

How to Get Back data from Crashed Hard Drive

Just assume, while accessing some significant data from system hard disk to external device sudden power goes off as a result PC get shutdown abruptly. After an hour when power comes, you switch on the system to know whether all files are transferred or not. But to your misery, the system displays blue screen without any options. You think that HDD might have got crashed due to unexpected power failure. You have stored various precious files, images, project documents, videos and other office or personal related data. After this incidence, you might be looking for the software to get back those files from hard disk?

It feels awfully bad the instant you perceive that significant information which you have stored since from long time are gone permanently. Nevertheless, don’t get irritate! Because for every problem there is a solution, you can easily perform rescue operation on crashed HDD by employing effective crashed hard drive data recovery software like Remo Recover. Before proceeding to the details of this software, it is necessary to know the symptoms before hard disk get crashed. Few of them are listed below:

  • At times your system faces a problem in the process of booting or it might not boot in some conditions, this type of indications shows that your hard drive is crashed
  • Sometimes blue screen appears whenever you power on your PC that is also referred as blue screen of death, illustrates that your HDD is crashed
  • In some circumstances your computer usually reboots and restarts automatically which is also an indication of hard drive crash
  • Sometimes you get a pop up display as “OS not found” which is also a sign of hard disk failure
  • Some type of frustrating ticking sound occurs from hard disk this indicates that something wrong in the HDD
  • At times an error pop up message displays “disk boot failure” this shows the hard disk is going to be crashed

Common Reasons Behind Hard Disk Drive Crash:

  • Virus attack
  • Indecent system shutdown
  • Sudden power surge while accessing data sometimes results in hard drive crash
  • Master Boot Record Failure
  • Operating system malfunctioning
  • Drive not recognized by BIOS and many more reasons.

No matter how fine you look out your hard disk, the situation will occur and you face critical data loss problems. The worst thing is when you don’t have backup of those files. Bad as this circumstance may seem, here is a way. As said previous, you can restore all the stuff from crashed hard drive by making use of Remo hard drive recovery software.

Few Well Known Features of Remo Recover Software:

  • This software easily retrieves data from crashed, damaged, corrupted hard drive on all versions of Windows operating system
  • Remo Recover software has the ability to retrieve more than 300 file types from SATA / ATA / PATA / SCSI / IDE hard disk without any difficulty
  • It also supports retrieval of data from other external storage devices like USB, FireWire drive, pen drive, memory cards, iPods, etc.

Most of the users across world wide use this application in retrieving files from hard disk, after using they ask why the size of recovered data is more when compare with deleted or lost files. To know the answer, just visit this URL