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Microsoft Launches Mixed Reality Concept

It has been declared by the sources that the software giant Microsoft is going to launch the concept of Windows Mixed Reality event in the next month. The news has been confirmed as officials from the company are inviting press members to the event which is going to held somewhere near Oct 3rd in San Francisco. In the mega event, Microsoft’s Kinect and HoloLens inventor are the main personalities who will be delivering the interesting lecture about the concept.

It seems that Microsoft is likely to focus on Windows Mixed Reality headsets in this event. The Mixed Reality headsets are going to launch in the next month alongside Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The price range of mixed reality headsets are around $299 compared to Acer, HP pricing its own at $450 and the Dell / Lenovo is around $349.

Besides, Microsoft won’t be showing off a new version of its own HoloLens. Despite, it is developing another HoloLens along with a dedicated AI chip which holds the successor of original HoloLens but it won’t arrive until 2019. So we are eagerly waiting for the Mixed Reality Headset event and that will figure out the Microsoft users.

Solution to Install Latest Compatible Version Using Mac OS 10.12.4 Recovery Mode

Mac OS is the computer or laptops Operating system developed by Apple Company. Mac OS sierra also known as Mac OS 10.12.4 which is the thirteen release of the Mac OS. Mac OS 10.12.4 is now available for user but user before installing the new update, they need to take the backup of the data present on the system because while updating the OS the data present in Mac OS gets deleted then you need to make use of best Mac OS sierra data recovery software like Remo Recovery tool which is compactable on all versions of Mac OS X and recover the data effectively.

The new keystroke combination of Mac OS 10.12.4 version is that; it allows the Mac OS to netboot so that we can download the compactable Operating System when we are performing recovery so that we can save the time and bandwidth. We need to select the command option with R combination at startup so that it will force a netboot and also install the up to date latest edition of the OS with all the patches. In Mac OS previous edition, the recovery method is performed by selecting command –R in the startup and restored the Mac to the older edition.

When you are updating the Mac OS X to latest version of Mac OS sierra then the data present in your Mac device like Mac pc, Mac Smartphone, Mac laptop, etc. might get deleted or lost so that you cannot able to find your saved file like photos, audio, videos and documents on your Mac storage device. This is caused due to some unknowing reasons which happened on during the up-gradation of Mac Os X. this issue can be repaired by using Mac in-built recovery tool or with the help of some third party recovery tool like Remo Recovery software which is the advanced recovery tool which has capacity to recover all the lost / deleted data without modifying or damaging the file during the recovery process and it is compactable on all editions of Mac OS X.

What is the reason for data loss on Mac OS sierra?

When you are upgrading the Mac OS X to the latest version, if some interruption occurs like network drop or Mac device turn off then your upgrade process gets terminated and the data present in Mac OS storage gets deleted or lost.

If user accidentally select the delete option or format drive option, the content present in your selected folder gets deleted so that you cannot able to find the data on your Mac OS X device.

These is how your data present in Mac device gets lost or deleted but as we discussed in this article we can easily recovery the data using Mac recovery mode or using third party recovery tool.

PC is Unable to Recognize Hard Drive

When booted my new PC, it recognize SSD but unable to see my hard drive. Is it possible to fix the problem manually?”

Sometimes you might come across the problem in which you are unable to recognize external hard drive or USB flash drive on your personal computer. You face such problems due to drive issue, dead drive, and wrong file system. The steps to fix the above-mentioned issues:

Check Drive in Disk Management

In case, PC is unable to see hard drive then you need to fist check your disk management. Connect external drive to your computer and open disk management tool. Press Windows Icon+R and type diskmgmt.msc into the type box and press OK. It is possible that you see your drive listed in DMS. But it is not in the list means the drive doesn’t contain any partition problem.

If drive is visible on screen then you need to format it completely so that Windows is able to recognize, read and access data stored in drive.

Partitioning and Formatting Drive

You can easily fix the problem associated with file system and partition with disk management tool. If you are able to see the drive as unpartitioned or unallocated then create new partition so that you are able to use the drive. In order to create new partition, follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Right click on unallocated space in the disk management tool
  2. Select New Simple Volume and follow the steps to create partition

Sometimes on creating new partition you are still unable to see on computer. You need to assign drive letter so that you can access in Windows. This step is happen automatically but if you manually deletes drive letter then you are unable to recognize drive. To assign drive letter, follow the given steps:

  1. Right click on the removable drive and Choose change drive letter and path
  2. Add drive letter like add letter F: then external drive become accessible at F:

If you are able to see drive as partitioned then it means you have changed the file system that Windows fails to read. In such cases, you need to reformat the drive with older file system such that Windows can easily recognize. Before reformatting, keep backup of all important files as all files are wiped out after reformatting. Steps to reformat a partition:

  1. Right click on partition > Select Format > Choose desire file system

Still you are unable to access hard drive then you need to apply software to recovery files and folder. This suggests how to recover data from hard disk which is not detecting in few simple steps.

What is NVidia GeForce Now and what are the differences on Shield TV, PC and Mac


NVidia is going to release its new version of the NVidia Shield Android TV, and it is also going to expand its GeForce now cloud gaming service in the coming months to more than just Shield devices. However, the new GeForce now will be an alternative offering, only for Mac and PC users. The Shield version will remain too – albeit a little refreshed. But, they both will go by the same name, you can be forgiven for being little confused. Therefore, it is the time to know what GeForce is and what are the differences between the two versions?

What is NVidia GeForce Now?

NVidia GeForce Now was initially launched as NVidia Grid and is the company’s answer to PlayStation Now. NVidia GeForce is a cloud gaming service, which gives access to games stored on dedicated GeForce graphics – enabled Personal Computers that can be played on an NVidia Shield TV box or Shield Tablet.

NVidia comes out with the improved technology, updating all its services to Pascal-based PCs and up to GTX 1080 graphics, therefore is capable of running games at their best and streaming them to your device. It is going to offer very soon a similarly named, but different kind of service to PC and Mac users.

New and alternative edition of GeForce Now will also be available on PC and Mac from springtime. It is going to give access to games that are bought through stream, GOG, Origin and other online hubs to play wherever and whenever you want. You can also play games on a GTX 1080 PC, therefore you can get the best experience no matter what computer you are streaming them to. GTX 1080 PCs are also available as a better budget option.

In both the versions of GeForce Now, games are stored and played remotely and video up to 1080p and in 60 frames per second is streamed to your device with the control codes are being sent in the opposite direction over the net. It is obviously low latency service, and so there is very little lag and it responds like as if the games are stored directly on your device. Hence, in many ways, you are not able to tell the difference between the two versions.

When and how to get NVidia GeForce Now?

Already existing NVidia GeForce Now service is available on all current Shield TV and Shield Tablet devices, and on the new Shield TV which is going to arrive soon. The new version is going to launch in the month of March in US. We are still expecting the launch date for the other territories. It just requires the download of the application for your PC and Mac. The new Shield Android TV user interface now has GeForce Now games that is integrated into its design.

What is the cost of NVidia GeForce Now?

The existing NVidia GeForce Now costs 7.49 pound per month for unlimited access for around 60 games, with further 40 or so available to purchase outright. However, the new version, has a different payment structure as you are technically playing your own bought games that are downloaded from Stream or another supplier through the service. You will purchase packets of credit for $25 a shot and, depending up on how high-end the experience and on which PC it is running on at NVidia’s end, those credits will give you playing time.

What are all the games available?

Major thing about the new GeForce Now is that your own games will be available to you or not. So, if you have a healthy library of games on Stream, Origin, or what have you, you can simply install them on the remote machine and play them whenever you want

It is going to open up the potential for the service over 100 titles that were previously available. For Tablet owners and Shield TV, their version of GeForce Now is going to get all of Ubisoft’s titles too very soon, with the day, and date releases, so you can purchase the games at the same time when they hit the stores

All the files are stored in the cloud and so you can pick up from where you had left off whenever you want

Can Wi-Fi be used and what is the minimum speed it works on?

Yes, you can use Wi-Fi as it works well and the minimum speed it works on is 1.5 Mbps. However, NVidia recommends at least 6.5 Mbps if you want to maintain a stable frame rate and ensure that the latency is low. Indeed, it told us that a 10 Mbps connection is very ideal as then there is enough bandwidth to have at least 6.5 Mbps dedicated to the experience with the rest being used by the internet connected devices at the same time parallel

Can multiplayer games be played?

GeForce Now is compatible with multiplayer online games too. The division will be playable, for example, when it launches soon.

Know How Robots Meet the Challenges of Infrastructure


Instead of a typical bridge replacement cost accounting billions of bucks, would a town be better served by high-bandwidth speed and Wi-Fi? Kenneth Gronbach discusses the very fact that the Generation Y population—alternatively called Millennials—has already surpassed each Gen X and also the Baby Boomers United Nations agency are waning in influence and shopping for power. Since, in step with Gronbach, 1/2 of the Gen Y population within the U.S. doesn’t even have a license to drive, the preference could also be for wireless “bridges” over physical ones.

The fundamental style changes for infrastructure each in configuration and delivery coming—quickly and dramatically. Generation Y concepts can shape as the Baby Boomers formed it before. However, it’ll be immensely different than that of their grandparents’ generation, with new priorities on social problems, the economy, and also the environment. The Baby Boomers and Gen X have predominantly disturbed concerning building infrastructure properly—meaning, mistake-free. Gen Y is disturbed concerning rather more than that involved if we have a tendency to are building the proper infrastructure for them.

And that’s not all. throughout consecutive thirty years, urbanization can increase to 66% by 2050, and economic enlargement can push demand for infrastructure to new levels. It’s not millions or billions of bucks, either. There’s a $57 trillion international infrastructure challenge, and solely technology goes to assist meet it.

bigstock-baby-boomers-in-word-collage-63268918Connected Infrastructure Boom. With computing everyplace and in mere concerning each device, there’s associate forthcoming explosion of some fifty to 77 billion connected devices. This different communication pattern is basically developing with the technology round the web of Things. Infrastructure must get connected—and it’s happening, from accommodating vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) for autonomous driving to sensors that warn or predict bridge compromise or stop large water leaks.

Reality Computing. Imagine taking reality to technology then back to reality. Anyone will capture associate object digitally through optical device scanning, photography (even associate iPhone), drones, and more. The image and/or knowledge square measure uploaded into software package like Autodesk ReCap. then that original object is physically created once more through a digital expertise, 3D printing, or building, or used as a model for safety in operations.

Sustainable Infrastructure. the necessity to receive time period data and perceive each the short- and semi-permanent impacts of a selected style approach socially, economically, and environmentally is turning into crucial. A property infrastructure classification system (ENVISON™), resiliency designing, handling natural and manmade disasters, and far additional means building new infrastructure from simply associate engineering perspective is not any longer ok.

MSI’S New Gaming PC Adds Go-Faster Stripes to the Mac Pro

The Vortex is a new latest MSI’s gaming PC which is shipping in the US starting at price $2,199. In appearance, it looks very much similar to the Mac Pro but includes aggressive stylings that you usually expect in any gaming computer. It also have strip lighting around the contours of the case with customizable colors through a connected app.


The Vortex internal design is very much familiar to Apple’s, as it contains a triangular core which includes a CPU and two GPU and the entire thing is kept cool using a single fan. This new gaming PC comes with Intel Core i7-6700K processor and it has two or four sticks of 8GB DDR4 RAM- based on your requirement you can select any of the two versions.

Additionally, you also have option in storage that is 128GB SSDs as well as 1TB hard disk drive. The two Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 GPUs are very powerful and it will be cheaper if you go for a pair of GeForce GTX 960s. You will find all the ports and connections and Gigabit Ethernet controllers, two DisplayPort interfaces, two Thunderbolt 3/USB Type-C ports, four USB 3.0 connections and a pair of HDMIs are also available.

Why Vortex new gaming PC is better than other?

1458146109971The Vortex with a volume of 6.5 liters and a height of just 10.5 inches is relatively small with all these excellent specifications. Though, MSI continue to experiment with design and form factor, besides its affinity with Apple’s Mac Pro, the design of Vortex curved but angular does feel fresh.

With an eye to future, MSI says that the Vortex is as upgradable as any other PC and strong enough to run VR games. One last point of similarity with Mac Pro is that the cheaper version cost $2,199 and the more powerful Vortex costs $3,999.

2016 Best Desktop PCs

pc_group_test_introWhen purchasing a new desktop computer you need to have basic knowledge about entry level PCs. Many of you agree that you want a desktop that is of better value and easily upgradeable. Here are some best desktop system of 2016 that are best all in one PCs, small form factor computer, gaming computer and budget desktop computer which you will review one by one.

Pre-Built all in one PC:

  • Apple iMac 27 5K Retina: All-in-ones the family of iMac is usually known for its fashionable design and remain unchanged in its latest model. It is slim in size and you will get upgraded AMD graphics, Skylake processors and improved screen with wider DCI P3 color gamut. It is possible to run multiple applications at the same time without any difficulty. The only breakdown of this PC is look bit larger compared to other monitors because of bezels surrounding the display. However, the iMac are pricey and if you are interested in this Apple iMac 27 5K Retina get the job done after reviewing its features.
  • Asus Zen AIO Pro Z240ICGT: In Windows, the Zen AIO Pro is one of the stylish computer ever seen. The exterior design is made of all metal and glass with L-shaped stand and nicely positioned ports in the back pane. The 23.8-inch touch display screen provides vibrant sporting a 3,840 by 2,160 pixel (UHD) resolution but not as good as Apple’s 5K Retina. It has graphics card, traditional hard drive up to 2TB, combination of SSD as well as for connectivity 4 USB 3.0, 1 USB 3.1 Type-C, 1 USB 2.0, and 2 HDMI out ports are available.
  • Lenovo IdeaCentre C40-30 All-in-One: The C40 is a best affordable and durable desktop that comes with a glossy black front and keep things simple with Y-shaped base offering tilt adjustments. Get to know more about its features, models of Lenovo IdeaCentre C40-30, so that your all-in-one can double as a standalone desktop PC.

Best small form factor desktop PC-Intel NUC5i5RYK: If you are comfortable in the process of picking parts and installing your own RAM and OS then the Intel NUC is a great choice.

Best gaming desktop PC


  • Origin Genesis: Origin is where boutique computer builders provides aplenty of hardware options and that depends on how much you spend. It can customize their features based on their requirement like a smartphone app can control custom paint options. The origin built something that is powerful with the cost-no-object arena.
  • Alienware X51 R3: The Alienware X51 R3 is one of the best value gaming desktop that performs superb for its size and cost to play any modern games. The X51 is running Windows 10 Pro with just having some preloaded apps that allows you to customize the machine look and performance.

Best budget desktop computer- Asus M32CD

The Asus M32CD is really best PC with solid plug and play solution for the people who are looking computer with just minimal setup. In terms of cost, it is excellent all-rounder with many features like Intel Core i5 processor, integrated 8GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB hard drive as well as connectivity options through Bluetooth 4.0, Gigabit Ethernet, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

The Best Thing about Apple’s New IPhone SE Might Not Be the Phone Itself

The new 4-inch iPhone Apple is repdownload (15)ortedly progressing to unveil within the returning weeks is anticipated to be referred to as the iPhone SE. The phone, 1st called the iPhone 6c in unofficial reports so because the iPhone 5SE in succeeding rumors, is meant to supply customers all of the simplest feature of the iPhone half dozen and 6s series in an exceedingly a lot of compact package. However because it seems, the new phone won’t be the reasonable flagship some folks would like to see from Apple.

But even therewith having been same, shoppers searching for a different iPhone at a lowest worth would possibly still be sure some excellent news.

A research note from KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo, Associate in Nursing analyst who’s been terribly correct with Apple within the past, unconcealed over the weekend that the 4-inch device can value between $400 and $500, a worth tier that’s presently occupied by the 2013 iPhone 5s.

According to Kuo, the iPhone SE can pack Associate in Nursing A9 chip complete with NFC support, up to 64GB of storage, 12-megapixel rear camera, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth four.2, and 1,642 mAh battery. Sadly, Kuo says there won’t be any 3D bit on this one, a feature that may stay a signature characteristic for the iPhone 6s line for the nowadays.

More apparently, Kuo wrote that the iPhone 5s won’t disappear from Apple’s inventory. Instead of discontinuing a model that’s been quite well-liked within the past, Apple can keep merchandising it aboard the iPhone SE, iPhone half dozen and iPhone 6s. The football player is that Apple is reportedly attending to cut the iPhone 5s worth in 0.5.

At $225, a different iPhone 5s that features a fingerprint sensing element and a 64-bit chip may be precisely the budget iPhone that Apple watchers are line of work for over and all over again for the past 5 years.

Apple is anticipated to sell 12-million iPhone SE units this year in keeping with Kuo, United Nations agency had at the start same that the figure would fall within the 18-20 million vary. However Kuo same the forecast revision relies on Apple’s call to stay merchandising the iPhone 5s, which might see its sales “surge” following the huge cut.

Apparently that “se” refers to “special edition” and points to a phone that appears and feels terribly the same as the 5s, however has all new internals and software package that might create it parallel to it of the half dozen and 6s.

According to Gurman, one in all the explanations Apple is doing this can be to prompt upgrades from those that square measure still holding on to the 5s furthermore as some way to supply Associate in Nursing alternate style to those that do not like the larger and agent iPhone half dozen hardware. Apple would additionally reportedly be discontinuing the 5s as a result, and also the 5se may be accessible as early as late March or early April. Of course, we advise taking these early reports with a grain of salt, however that timeline will work with the rumor of Associate in Nursing Apple event in March.

The Best Desktop workplace Suite, Libre workplace, Gets higher

images (2)

While Microsoft workplace is that the trade customary in terms of, integrated applications for data processing, programmers, displays, direction, email and desktop business. However, it is vital for little business homeowners to understand that these styles of workplace applications are out there in free and open supply workplace productivity applications.

Open supply workplace package has come back a protracted approach in recent years, therefore selecting free package over big-ticket proprietary package does not imply you will lose options and support. Today’s open supply workplace productivity package is feature-rich and provides ample access to on-line documentation and enormous communities of users and developers.

This restructure offers a reorganized computer program. In contrast to Microsoft workplace, that some time past embraced the annoying ribbon interface, LibreOffice has stayed with the tried and true menu-based interface that any Microsoft workplace 2003 user can acknowledge at a look.

What the Document Foundation, LibreOffice’s parent organization, has done is reorganize the menus for author, Calk, and Impress – LibreOffice’s application, programmer, and presentation program. They are designed to produce quicker access to the most-used options.

One advantage of LibreOffice is that it is the solely workplace suite that runs on all desktop and portable computer platforms—Windows, OS X, and Linux. It even runs on eight-year-old mocks that use PowerPC processors rather than the Intel CPUs on current Mac hardware. Versions for mechanical man and iOS area unit within the works, however they will not emerge till later this year or 2014. Version 4.0, recently discharged, appearance lots just like the long-running three’s series, however has huge invisible changes designed to let it enter the pill era and supply a brand new API for company and government programmers to act with it.

LibreOffice’s word-processor, spreadsheet, and displays apps look and work lots just like the approach Microsoft workplace looked before workplace 2007 introduced the Ribbon interface. a regular top-line menu results in all major options, therefore prepare to open some drop-down menus before you discover the feature you would like. Below the menu area unit customizable toolbars with the same old sets of icons, most of them straightforward to know at a look. If you wish associate degree informative tooltip, hover over associate degree icon with the mouse. As in Microsoft Word, LibreOffice author displays a live word calculate the standing bar.

LibreOffice conjointly boasts enhancements for importation previous Microsoft workplace documents in binary formats: DOC, XLS, and PPT files. It conjointly will an improved job of importation RTF files and Microsoft Visio comes. The program conjointly currently supports importation Microsoft Write (.wr) documents and Apple Keynote half dozen (.key) displays, and Gnumeric programmer files.

LibreOffice 5.1 has conjointly been improved “under the hood,” because of the work of many volunteer developers. Besides higher file and cloud support, the amendment you are possibly to note is that LibreOffice is way quicker than before.


Tips for Getting the Most Out of OS X Yosemite

The latest OS X Yosemite has many fantastic features inside a cleaner, improved interface on the Macintosh. It’s a very big upgrade and there’s plenty to explore in the new version of Yosemite.

Wondering how to get started?

Follow the below mentioned tips and tricks for getting the most out of OS X Yosemite:

  • Turn on “dark mode”: Yosemite include a new “dark mode” which turns the menu bar, Spotlight and dock black.
  • Do a ton of stuff with Spotlight: Now Spotlight is more powerful in the latest OS X version that has the ability to search 22 types of data.
  • Manage your extensions: Applications optimized for OS X Yosemite can now offer extensions. Actions, Finder, Share Menu and Today are the four types of extensions that is added in the latest Mac version.
  • Annotate images in Mail: In Yosemite you can directly annotate images and PDFs in Mail with the Apple’s new Markup extension.
  • Sign things using your trackpad: Another wonderful advantage of Markup is the capability to sign things using your trackpad.
  • See all open tabs in Safari: With the help of Safari in OS X you are able to view all your open tabs and let you to close and also organize them individually.
  • Be untraceable with DuckDuckGo, private windows: The DuckDuckGo does not track your search results and with Safari private browsing is very much easier.
  • Quickly access your iOS device’s hotspot: The iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite makes it easier to use your iOS devices as a mobile hotspot and make sure you are logged into the same iCloud account.
  • Use Handoff for supported apps: There are various new features that allows your Macintosh and iPhone work together like Handoff. If you update an app for Handoff on Yosemite and iOS then you can seamlessly move between these devices. Enabled or disabled Handoff under General in System Preference:
  • Answer iPhone calls on your Mac: As long as your iPhone is nearby, you can answer iPhone calls and can make calls from the Contacts app or Spotlight in OS X Yosemite.
  • Record your iOS device’s screen: The QuickTime in OS X, not only record the Mac’s screen but also your iPhone or iPad’s screen could be recorded when they are connected through a Lightning cable.
  • Eradicate transparency: You have an option to make all the transparency go away on your system, just go to Accessibility in System Preferences and check the “Reduce transparency” icon. This is helpful because few app windows and interface elements in OS X are slightly translucent.