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Restore Deleted Photos from iPod

iPod is one of the good looking portable media player introduced and launched by Apple Inc. It mainly serve as electronic and data storage device and has storage capacities from 2GB to 16GB. Even though it is small in size but offers more data storage capacity, so majority of users prefer to use it. An iPod contains hard drive whose data storage capacity ranges from 2 GB to 160 GB and stores all the data in it. User needs to format hard drive on the iPod before using it for the first time. Formatting will happen automatically when user connects the iPod to his / her PC. In case the PC has Mac Operating System, at the time of set up operation it becomes Mac formatted and if the PC has Windows Operating System it becomes Windows formatted. In case user has both PCs and he / she want to utilize Pod with both, he / she have to save the data stored on that device and reformat the device to suit particular OS. It is to be performed because Mac PC makes use of HFS file system and Windows PC NTFS as well as FAT file system. When the user connects an iPod to the PC, Windows will unable to access the iPod is formatted for Mac and a Mac will not identify iPod when it is formatted for Windows. iPod employs iTunes to transfer all files between the system and the gadget.

There are many versions of iPod like iPod Nano, Touch, Shuffle, Classic and Mini available in the market place. iPod is used as handheld game device, music and video player and digital camera. It supports all photos, video and audio file formats. It has feather touch features and user-supportive interface. It runs Apple’s UNIX OS effectively which covers collection of software to browse internet, email and to view maps. The photos captured from iPod will give a better clarity as a result of its display resolution. It permits you to take photos whenever user wishes. However, deletion of beloved pictures from an iPod is really unpredictable. Due to such incidents, most of the users lose their patience to achieve iPod deleted photo recovery. If the user is from professional background, then he / she can manage the situation with care and easily recover iPod deleted photos. But for novice user it is impossible to handle that situation and he / she cannot do deleted iPod photo recovery. If you are facing similar problem then stop getting tensed and just read this informative article to understand the finest way to perform deleted iPod picture recovery.

Photos from iPod get delete at any instant of time but whenever you encounter such type of scenario, you need to be careful. It is because after losing images, you have to stop using iPod or storing fresh files on it. This will increase the chances of deleted pictures from iPod. Now, let us take a look on real time scenario which will briefly explain how pictures get delete from iPod:

Any help please…. I deleted all my beloved and important photographs from iPod. While I was browsing internet on my iPod device, I accidentally clicked delete option and lost all long persevered photos collection. Unfortunately, I have not taken any backup and as I am not technically perfect I don’t have idea about how to restore deleted pictures from iPod. So anyone’s help is appreciated a lot.   

This is a very agonizing situation being faced by all iPod users. Excluding this, there are many causes due to which you have to face iPod photos deletion situation. Let us discuss such incidences:

Synchronization: Although you are using an iPod for screening photographs, it is not possible to drag individual or groups of photos to your iPod device like you can do with audios in iTunes, however you are able to choose how you prefer them to be coordinated by choosing the appropriate options. While synchronizing your iPod device, chances are there that photographs might get delete.

Improper transfer: Assume you would like to transfer your photographs from memory card to your iPod. First thing you have to do is, duplicate images from memory card to your PC and then synchronize it using iTunes in your computer to move them into your iPod device. During this course of action, there is a possibility that pictures might delete.

Unintentional deletion: iPod has a ‘Restore’ option which has available by default. In case you select this option unintentionally while operating iPod, it gets restored to its factory settings. Due to this incidence, your pictures might get removed from iPod.

Updating iPod: When you update your iPod gadget with recent software, it displays a warning message that you may lose image files from iPod. In order to avoid this, you have to keep a separate copy of backup files on any other storage device. If you forget to do this, there are possibilities of image files deletion from iTunes library.

Following precautions should be taken to avoid image file deletion from iPod:

  • Backup: Keep a legal backup of all the images before you start synchronizing iPods with your computer. Before you start transferring your preferred images from iPod to computer, you need to preserve backup. Imagine you are resetting iPods to its factory settings, you must have a secure backup before choosing “Restore” option available in iPod.
  • Check power supply before copying images from system to iPod or vice versa
  • Use updated antivirus tool for scanning iPod device to remove viruses
  • Don’t remove iPod device abruptly during pictures transfer process

What happens pictures from iPod get delete even after following these steps? No need to worry, use Remo Recover software to execute iPod deleted photos recover. It is combined with modern strategies and capable of recovering iPod deleted photos of the format BMP, TIFF, TIF, JEPG, JPG and RAW formats like CRW, RAF, K25, PEF, ARW, etc. In addition, it will do restoration of images from other storage devices such as external hard disk, flash drive, memory stick, Thumb drive, etc. In order to accomplish easy recovery of image files, this tool provides “Select File Type” option, using which you will recover deleted iPod pictures of specific file format rather than recovering whole images. This in turn saves your valuable time. It consists of default “Find tool” to identify a particular image file based on file type, name, structure, etc. This versatile application can get back deleted photos iPod of various generations like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. Its default “Save Recovery Session” feature assists in saving scanned information, so that the whole iPod need not be rescanned again. It allows you to preview the recovered deleted photos from iPod before their restoration. In order to test the functionality of the utility, you can use its trial version. If the outcomes are satisfactory for you, buy the complete version. It is pretested for viruses, threats, malware, spyware, etc. and found fully free from them. It is capable enough to identify and restore deleted images from iPod without consuming your valuable time.