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Software to Repair Corrupt PST File from Outlook 2016

Fix outlook indexingOutlook application is a personal application manager which is widely across the world. It is designed to create emails, calendars, organizers, journals, note book, etc. Sometimes it might be possible that Outlook files (PST and OST) get corrupted and user is unable to access the data stored in computer. In such horrible situation, user is searching for reliable tool to repair PST file without any issues.

Remo Repair PST is capable in repairing corrupt PST files in few steps. With the use of this tool, you are able to repair PST file Outlook 2016 as well as other versions of Outlook application. This tool is available online so that anyone can easily download the software and fix corrupt PST file.  The interface of this software is quite simple so that non-technical users can also repair corrupt files with utmost ease.

Few benefits of Remo Repair PST Tool

  • Fix damaged and corrupt PST file in few steps
  • Capable in repairing password protected PST fie
  • Repair PST file from different versions of Outlook
  • Preview option is available to test the repaired PST file
  • 24X7 technical support executive is available to support customers

Steps to Repair PST File Outlook 2016

  1. Download Remo Repair PST tool in your PC or laptop. Then launch the application to repair corrupt PST file Outlook 2016.
  2. Once you click next button, you have option to browse the path for the repaired PST files in computer. Select the path and press next button.
  3. You have three options available on main screen “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”. Select Open PST File in order to repair corrupt PST files.
  4. Then you need to select normal scan or smart to repair files stored in system. After completion of scanning process you have repaired PST files on system. You can also preview the repaired before restoration on system.

Scenarios for corruption of PST File Outlook 2016

Oversized PST File: The storage capacity of Outlook file depends upon the version of Outlook application. If the file size exceeds the limit of Outlook application then there is possibility for corruption of PST file.

Improper Conversion: The use of unreliable software to convert PST to OST or vice versa corrupts the PST file. In such condition, user is unable to access PST stored in system.

Virus Attack: Virus and malware programs is another measure responsible for corruption of Outlook files. When system is connected to infected device then there are chances for such corruption.

Power Surge: While using Outlook application, if system is turned off suddenly due to power surge then PST files may get corrupted and become inaccessible.

You can use Remo Repair PST tool under such circumstances to overcome corruption issues. With this tool, you are able fix corrupt PST from Outlook with few mouse clicks.

Effective Way to Fix Outlook Indexing

Fix outlook indexingOutlook Indexing issues are most common among PST files so you need something specifically designed to fix this. Thankfully, there is the tool called Remo Repair which is used to fix Outlook indexing by eliminating all the errors by using its effective algorithm which is purely able to repair it. Though Outlook PST files contains attributes such as email attachments, contacts and other sensitive data, the software aims to protect your data by reading it safely. This once again confirms the reliability of the software.

Characteristics of Remo Repair PST

  • The software has special search option for searching deleted PST items on the basis of date, file format type, name and size of the file.
  • Supports PST files created with all the versions of Microsoft Outlook and the software is compatible with all Windows OS till Windows 10.
  • Restore deleted PST data and can be saved in almost any disk drive such as hard disk drive, fire wire drive, SSD, memory sticks, USB drives, etc.
  • The software is able to restore calendar files, Outlook contacts, email attachments and many other elements from a PST file.
  • The tool has built-in file “preview” option which helps user to sneak peek all the repaired or fixed PST contents prior to restoration.

How to Fix Outlook Indexing?

Download the version of Remo Repair PST by following the above link and install it on your system. The installation process is simple and needs only a few minutes. Then launch it, you will be prompted to select the damaged PST file on the box and just select next button. This screen will show you with three options namely “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”. Each option’s functionality will be displayed on the screen when you choose them. Choose the appropriate one and proceed to the next step. In this screen, choose the destination folder where you want to save your fixed file. Choose the next button and you are done. The software does the magic and displays you with index repaired PST file. It allows you to even “Preview” the contents in it. Finally you can “Save” it by activating the software.

Causes of Outlook Indexing Issue

  • Using third party utilities to open PST can cause the Outlook file contents to get altered and corrupted as it uses a different method to open the files.
  • The most common PST file deletion is because of accidental deletion or deleting permanently by using Shift + Delete option which even skips going into recycle bin.
  • Sudden power outages and system shut downs while handling Outlook program and when the PST file is active, it may definitely cause damage.
  • Abruptly quitting Outlook application, system crash and any errors in OS can cause the PST files to behave abnormally which are being currently used.
  • Virus, trojans, malware are responsible for most of the corruptions and plays in this case too. Any infected system can cause harm or damage to the files present on it which includes PST files

Apart from the above listed scenarios, it is useful in all cases which cause corruption in index of PST file.

Best Approach to Repair Corrupted PST Files

“Sometimes PST File of Outlook 2010 on Windows 8 machines may get corrupted due to logical issues or human errors. Have you encountered any situation like PST file not responding? Does your PST file left in a corrupt state? If that is the case you are recommended to use third party Outlook PST Repair software to repair that corrupted file. Read this article completely to know the best Outlook PST repair tool.”

Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used email client application that has been specially designed for corporate use. Outlook offers many user friendly features like setting up reminders, appointments, record notes and many more to make our work simpler and faster. This excellent application saves all your data like emails, contacts, calendar items, tasks etc. on Outlook data file called PST file. At times, when you try to access your Outlook mail your Outlook application would freeze and throw not responding error. Under such instances restarting your PC or Outlook application might fix the issue.

Inbox Repair Tool is the built-in application that is offered by Microsoft Outlook. It is also called as “Scanpst.exe”, which is the file name of Inbox Repair Tool. It works only for simple problems, but not for complex one. So, you cannot expect much from Scanpst.exe as it is prepared with limited capabilities. Before repairing this corrupted file you may think about possible reasons for corruption. So some of the common scenarios are mentioned below:

  • Abrupt termination of Outlook: Closing Outlook application or shutting down your PC while mails are being sent or are being edited and before closing all the Outlook folders will cause damage to the PST file.
  • Oversized PST file:The maximum size limit for a PST file is 2 GB. If the Outlook data in the PST file exceeds this limit, your PST file would freeze and fail to respond.
  • Virus infection:When your hard drive gets infected by some malicious threats like viruses or malware, your PST file might also get infected. These viruses would prevent the PST file from responding or would freeze your Outlook.
  • Outlook up-gradation resulting in PST file corruption – When you upgrade from one version of Outlook to another and try to import an existing PST file to the newer version of Outlook, it may result in incompatibility leading to corruption of the PST file.

Under all these circumstances, Remo Repair Outlook PST tool comes in handy and repair corrupt PST file even when the file fails to respond to any of your requests.

How Remo Repair Outlook PST works?

Remo Repair Outlook PST is an excellent tool that could easily repair the PST file that is not responding. Even when your Outlook file is severely corrupt, the software will easily fix the PST file and helps you to recover outlook profile with all your Outlook data intact. It is well matched with Microsoft Outlook versions such as 2000, 2003, 2007 & 2010. This most advanced software comes with excellent traits as stated below:

  • This amazing software can assist users to search out PST file path on the computer system if they don’t know.
  • If PST file is protected by a password or compressed in ZIP achieves then also it can be fixed by making use of the program.
  • During repair process, it even extracts all PST attributes such as emails, notes, contacts, tasks, meeting requests, calendar items, appointments, RSS feeds, journals, etc.
  • You are permitted to utilize real time preview of the final result with the aid of Outlook style browser view.

How to Retrieve Personal Folders in Outlook 2003?

Nowadays usage of Microsoft Outlook application is increasing widely since it has wide variety of features for storing different information in personal folder called PST file. However, these personal folders may also damage or corrupt due to various reasons such as up gradation of application, virus attack and many more.

If your personal folders are corrupted in Outlook 2003 in any situation then don’t panic!, utilize Remo Repair Outlook software. It is one of the award winning tool, which is used to recover personal folders Outlook 2003 on Windows system effortlessly.

Common Reasons responsible for deleted personal folders from Outlook 2003 are listed below:

Up gradation of Microsoft Outlook: When you wish to upgrade your Outlook application from any old version to Outlook 2003version, at that movement if upgrade process is not done accurately then you may end up with corrupted outlook folder. PST files present in that corrupted Outlook 2003 will becomes inaccessible.

Virus Attack: Virus will intrude into Windows system when it is connected to infected devices. These viruses will spread all over the system and damage all files and folders including personal folders. if your Windows system does not contain trustedanti-virus application to act against attacked virus. Then personal folders in Outlook 2003 may corrupt and become inaccessibleto users.

Improper Recovery: If you use unauthorized third party tool to recover PST files in Outlook 2003 then it will fail to recoverPST files as it is not strong enough to recover all attributes of Outlook. That in turns result in inaccessible personal folders on Outlook 2003.

Software Malfunction: If your Microsoft Outlook 2003 is outdated at that movement if you try to open personal folders file repeatedly then those files will damage and becomes inaccessible.

There can be many other reasons like OS crash, improper termination of Outlook 2003 application and exceeding maximum size limit of PST file may also lead to Outlook 2003 corrupt and PST files become inaccessible to users.

Features of Remo Repair Outlook Software:

  • Remo Repair Outlooktool supports to repair both PST and OST files which are created on all versions of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Capability to mend over sized Personal folders with ease.
  • Password protected files can also be fixed using this tool.
  • It can repair compressed and encrypted PST files.
  • Recover files which are deleted from deleted items folder or from any other Outlook folders.
  • Effortlessly recovers email messages, folders, the calender items, contacts, appointments, meeting requests, RSS feeds, tasks, journals and notes from Outlook PST file.
  • For the easy import it generates repaired files in Outlook 2003-2010 formats.
  • This tool is supported with all most all versions of Windows OS that is Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

Steps to Recover Personal Folders in Outlook 2003:

  • Download the Remo Repair Outlook application and install it to your Windows system.
  • Choose any one option in the three options which are displayed on main screen after you run the software
  • Select corrupt PST file, appropriate scanning method and destination location
  • Click on “Repair” to initiate the repair process.
  • View recovered files using “Preview” option.
  • Purchase the tool if you are satisfied with the result and save the recovered files on your Windows system.


Repair Corrupted PST File in Outlook

MS Outlook uses an Outlook data file, known as Personal Storage Table (PST) which stores all important mails and data and which can be accessed and used when you are connected to internet or Microsoft Outlook Server. However, the file that contains precious data is much prone to corruption when the file is oversized. An over sized PST files can also decrease the performance of Outlook. So breaking the file into parts is one solution only if the PST file is healthy. If the files already get corrupted then you are left with only one solution i.e. repairing your corrupted file.

Microsoft Outlook provides an in-built repair function that can be used to repair corrupt PST file outlook 2003. It is commonly known as SCANPST.EXE which is an inbox repair tool of Microsoft Outlook in which you can rely on it for small issues. You should run it more than once until you will end up with zero errors.

Note: Always back up your data file before using any tool on it.

But if the issue is something more than that even in-built repair function also not able to repair then you must go for a third-party PST repair tool to repair corrupt PST file outlook 2003. Fortunately there are plenty of tools available in the market to repair PST files. But choosing a safe and reliable one is important. Remo Repair will be the best PST repair tool you can choose which will tackle the issue effectively. First let us know the scenarios where Word file corruption causes.

  • Terminate Outlook Abnormally: Usually, you should quit the Outlook application kindly by saving all the changes you made to PST file and then you should click “Exit” button in the menu item. But if you terminate the Outlook abnormally will lead to the PST file corruption or damage.
  • Virus or Other Malicious Software: Many virus attacks will infect and damage the Outlook PST files or make them inaccessible. It is highly recommended to employ quality anti-virus software for your Outlook email system.
  • Data Storage Device Failure: For instance, if you are using a hard drive that has some bad sectors and unfortunately your Outlook PST file is stored on these bad sectors, then there are chances for Outlook file corruption. Sometimes you may be able to read a part of a PST file but it may contain full of errors.
  • Faulty Networking Device: Suppose, the Outlook PST file exists on the network server, and you try to access it from a client computer, via network links. If the network interface cards, cables, routers, hubs and any other devices constituting the network links have problems, then the remote access of the PST file may make it corrupted.

Due to any of the above mentioned reasons your PST files got damaged, you should make use of Remo Repair PST which is an effective and reliable tool that can repair corrupt PST file outlook 2003.

Some attractive features of Remo Repair are

  • Ability to repair a severely broken PST file.
  • Quickly and safely repairs all elements of Outlook like messages, contacts, tasks, folders, journals and notes.
  • Built with strong algorithm yet easy to use due to its simple user-interface.
  • Supports all major versions of Windows Operating Systems like Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP etc.
  • Scans the corrupt PST files deeply with its powerful scanning engine and repair it.

Download the Remo Repair PST app that repair corrupt PST file outlook 2003 and make those damaged PST files into accessible.