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What to Do When an Audio or Video File Doesn’t Play On Mac

At one or the other time, you might have observed that your Mac is unable to play some audio or video contents. Your Apple built-in programs as QuickTime, keynotes or photos are featured to work with a variety of media type formats. Along with this, certain applications need additional software to play music or video files. However, the popular media file types like MOV, MP4, M4V, M4A, MPEG, AVI, WAV etc. play smoothly on all media player applications.

Your Apple applications may fail to play certain audio or video files because it needs some specialized software to support them. Hence some old or specialized file formats refuse to play on your Mac system.

What to do when an audio or video file doesn‘t play on Mac?

For the unplayable media file type, you can search for an app that can support. Interestingly, you might already have such programs installed on your Mac. If you want to check this out, here you go-

  • In the Mac Finder, right-click (or control-click) on the unplayable media file
  • Choose the option – Open with
  • The sub-menu displays all the programs that are installed in your device
  • Pick the program and see if it is able to play audio/video file

In case, if you don’t succeed in finding a right app for your multimedia file then you can search for additional programs. Search for applications in the Mac store or the internet and get it installed on your Mac. Alternately, you can choose to convert the file into some other format that your media player application supports. Even for media type file conversion, a number of tools are available across the internet to fix QuickTime won’t play MP4.

While searching for additional software to play your video or audio, you can specify the file format of that file. If you do not know the file extension then click on the file then press Command + I button; this will display info window whereby you can get all necessary information about the media file.

Learn to Fix MOV File Error 2048

repair-mov-file-headerError 2048 is associated with QuickTime MOV player. The users receive this type error because of errors in codecs and file formats. Sometimes flash player also get such type of error when the required domains are blocked due to some security purposes. Some of the common reasons responsible for MOV 2048 errors are mentioned below:

  • QuickTime player fails to play certain video files and shows this error
  • Misuse of QuickTime files like renaming movie name leads to such type of error
  • MOV file downloaded incompletely or found to be broken also cause 2048 errors
  • Virus and malware programs are another major issue related corruption of MOV video file
  • File format conversion may cause MOV file to get corrupt and inaccessible on QuickTime player
  • Use of unreliable third party tool to play and access MOV files sometimes leads to corruption of video file

Under such circumstances, you are looking for tool to repair MOV file error 2048 in a reliable way. You can employ Remo Repair MOV tool to repair MOV error 2048 easily. This software is compatible with all the versions of Macintosh system. Using this software, you can also repair QuickTime MOV file won’t play on your system. This program consists of advanced algorithm which scans entire drive and fix corrupt video file in a hassle free way. You can purchase this tool online in order to save repaired video file having error 2048.

Some of the advantages of Remo Repair MOV Tool

  • Using this software, you are able to fix corrupt video files having 2048 error on Macintosh systems. It repairs corrupt and damaged video MOV files retaining its original video quality.
  • This software creates a replica image of original file and then fix corrupt MOV file such that you can replace file with original one in case of any blunder.
  • It fixes different corruption issues like virus infected files, corrupt files due to file conversion, errors due to zipping or unzipping MOV files and many more.
  • You are able to restore repaired MOV files on desired location i.e. either on internal or external data storage device. The trial version of this software allows user to test the performance.
  • [24]7 technical assistance is available to guide users while fixing 2048 MOV errors. You can contact support team through phone calls or emails.

Learn to Repair MP4 Files on Mac System


MP4 is a widely used video file format across the world. You can use this video format on different electronics gadgets such as mobile phones, cameras, computers, laptops, iPods and many more. However, due to certain reasons MP4 files get corrupted as a result of which user is unable to play video on any device. This is really heartbreaking condition for users as it leads to loss of time and money. Is it possible to fix damaged MP4 Mac?

Remo Repair MOV is user-friendly and robust tool to perform damaged MP4 file repair Mac in few simple steps. You can easily employ this software to repair MP4 files with MOV, MPEG, 3GP and many more. With the implementation of this software, you are able to fix damaged MP4 -video on Mac systems as it is free from harmful virus and malware programs. The software consists of Preview option that allows user to view repaired MP4 files on Mac system to justify the performance of tool.

Reasons for damaged MP4 files on Mac system

Header File Corruption: When header of MP4 file is damaged due to uncertain reasons then there are chances that MP4 files get corrupted and become inaccessible.

Incompatible Media Player: Sometimes MP4 files get damaged due to the use of incompatible media player on your system or devices as result of which user is unable to play video.

Corrupted MP4 Downloaded: If your video files are not downloaded properly then it may get damaged and finally become inaccessible.

Corrupted MP4 due to conversion: There are various third party tool available online to convert video file format. While converting MP4 files into other file format there are possibilities that MP4 get damaged and you are unable to play on any media player.

Virus Infected MP4: Virus and malware programs are major reasons for corruption of video file formats. When your system is connected to infected device then MP4 files may get damaged.

You can use Remo Repair MOV tool to overcome such drastic situation. With the assistance of this software, you can repair MP4 files from hard drive, USB drive, external hard drive, flash card, memory cards and many more.

Precautions to avoid above scenarios

  • Never interrupt the process of MP4 file transfer
  • You need to update anti-virus program in order to avoid corruption issues
  • Back up important files from system so as to replace damaged MP4 files with new ones

Features of Remo Repair MOV Tool

  • You can install this application on all the version of Mac operating system such as Mavericks, Yosemite, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc.
  • With the application of this software, you are able to create a copy of original MP4 file and then fix damaged files in few mouse clicks.
  • You can restore repaired MP4 videos on internal as well as external storage devices. Using this tool, you can easily store repaired videos on desired location.
  • Technical support executive is available for 24X7 services so that users can resolve issues anytime with emails and phone calls.

Why to Repair Damaged MOV Files?

Consider a scenario, where you are playing your favorite video in any media player and error messages pop up the screen saying “Can’t open the file”. You may try it to play again; but you will notice the same error message displayed on your Windows screen. You might be wondering that what went wrong and what the reason for such unplayable MOV?  There are many reasons that makes your lovable videos unplayable which will be discussed later in this page.

It hurts a lot when MOV files especially the video recording that you have captured in digital camera or any other gadgets gets damaged or inaccessible, it is obvious that one may think that you may not be able to repair damaged MOV video file. Well, no need to worry at all, simply rely on Remo Repair MOV that fix the corrupt and inaccessible video tracks to make your damaged MOV files playable as it was before.

Remo Repair MOV- Repairing your Damaged MOV file

repair-mov-file-headerAn effective solution for fixing damaged MOV video file is Remo Repair MOV. It is designed very simple so that any novice user can use the application to repair corrupted, broken and unplayable MOV files that are refused to play on any Windows Operating System. This tool extract the data from source file and analyze the audio and video streams separately to find out the issue associated with .mov video file. After identifying the problem, it repairs individually and later joined them together which is a new healthy playable MOV video.

The newly created MOV video file can be saved on any drive that is accessible to host Operating System. Easily repair damaged MOV file that has been recorded on your digital cameras, smartphones, and even various brands of camcorder such as Canon, Casio, Panasonic, , Olympus, Nikon, Samsung, Olympus, etc. and supports Phone Booth Version . Remo Repair MOV even fix the synchronization and codec problems that may be the reason behind .mov file corruption.

In addition to this, Remo Repair MOV is suitable to run on different Windows platforms including Windows 10 OS. Also supports mjpeg, mp4v, avc1 video codec and mp4a, RAW, sowt audio codec.

Some eye catching features of Remo Repair MOV

  • Ability to repair all issues that raised in MOV video file.
  • Preview Option is provided to view the repaired MOV files.
  • Trial version of the program helps to examine the performance of the Remo Repair MOV software.
  • Round the clock technical support is available to provide assistance for both technical and non-technical users.

Factors those are responsible for damaging MOV files

  • If the header of the MOV file is damaged due to any reasons then it would result in inaccessibility of your MOV videos.
  • Sometimes use of unreliable Freeware to repair damaged MOV files may corrupt your video tracks and hence make it unrepairable.
  • After getting error messages, playing your MOV video file in unsupported media players causes damage to your videos.
  • Unnecessarily changing the existing file format of your MOV video file by using faulty applications leads damage your MOV.
  • When transferring files from one system to other, if the computer is virus infected then it can damage your MOV video as well as all the files residing on your PC.
  • Apart from this, MOV video file can also get corrupted because of bad sectors that are present on your storage devices such as hard drives etc.


Unable to Play MOV File

“I am trying to play some high resolutions HDV files( .mov files) on Windows, i get sound but it is not playing video track, i am getting just a blank screen with only audio.. Please help me in fixing MOV file not playing video issue”

You can play .mov files on many of the media players that are available on Windows Operating System. QuickTime Player and the VLC players are the most popular one to play MOV files. At times you may not be able to see the video of MOV file, the reason can be numerous but one can easily fix this issue. This article will provide you the best solution to fix MOV file not playing Video track on Windows platform.

Why does MOV fail to play Video?

Using Different Media Players: When you try to play MOV files on unsupported media player that time your .mov file may get corrupt or damage, this is due to incopatibilty between .mov file format and the players.

Viruses or Malware Infection: When you download .mov file from the Internet or plug in a data traveller containing many different data files including your MoV files, there are lot of chances that it contains malware infections in it.

Disk Corruption: Failure of the storage devices leads to the loss of your MOV files. It may fail due to its long usage, improper usage of the drive, abrupt removal of any external storage devices, all these reasons may corrupt the MOV file from playing the video, whereas you will be getting audio sometimes.

Codec Issues: Sometimes the video codecs installed in you Windows system may not support and due to this you may come across such situations wherein your MOV file will fail to play the video stream.

Other Reasons: Improper system updates, synchronization issues, OS crash, application malfunctioning in which your .mov files is being used/played.

How to Repair MOV Files on Windows?

When it comes to repair corrupt or damaged .mov audio video files, all you need is an independent MOV file repairing tool, one such utility is called as Remo Repair MOV software that is capable of doing the intended task efficiently. You can download this tool from our official website. This software is able to fix all kinds of corruption or damage issues of .mov files on Windows Operating System in a simple way. The highlighting feature of this application is, it works on read only method that means it do not alter the original content of the files while repairing. So one can feel safe and can download this software without thinking much.

Outstanding Features of Remo Repair MOV:

Remo Repair MOV is one of he most popular software available in the market that is capable of fixing MOV file not playing video issues in a few simple steps. Professional or non professional will be able to utilize this software as it has a user friendly graphical interface. This tool will separate the audio and video streams separately and fixes the problem. Once the repairing process is completed you will be able to preview the repaired .mov file with the “Preview” option available in this software. It supports all the major versions of Windows OS such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

You can use this software even to repair the MP4 files with ease. It also has the ability to repair the MOV files that resides in the external storage devices using its powerful scanning and repairing algorithm. Anyone can utilize this software in order to mend the MOV files not playing video streams on Windows Operating System in few mouse clicks. You can feel safe downloading this tool because it is free from dreadful viruses as it is verified from Norton Securities. Download the Demo version of this software and verify the repairing process then go for the Licensed versions(Saving of the repaired MOV files is possible only if you have complete version of Remo Repair MOV)