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Best Way to Recover Data from SD Card

Secure Digital (SD) card is where you store tons of data such as photos, videos, music etc. But, it is not that much secure as the name says. Let’s imagine, you’re in a vacation with your old pals, you took so many pictures on your mobile and selfies as well. As most of the mobile phones hold a little internal memory, we use SD card as our primary storage media. As we are getting lots of updates on our mobiles daily, we can do complex tasks with few clicks. We are also engaged in cleaning up of mobile memory. Fortunately, format also joins the party.

Digital Camsd card data recoveryeras use SDHC card and it stores the images in RAW format depending upon the brand you’re using. The files on the card may get corrupted or even deleted under some cases of human error, unplugging the device while the transfer process is going on and many others.

There is an application called Remo Recover for Mac available for SD card data recovery. You can download the utility for free and after installation, connect SD card with the computer having Remo software and you will be able to scan the SD card for deleted files.

The features are listed below

  • The software recovers data from SD, SDHC, SDXC cards, etc.
  • It supports all major SD card brands such as SanDisk, Sony and Samsung, etc.
  • Recovers all types of documents, images, audio and video file formats.
  • It allows you to sneak peek your files before recovering. So you’ll be satisfied before buying the full version.

Steps involved in SD card Recovery

  • First connect the SD card inserted card reader or mobile phone to the computer using a data cable.
  • Open the downloaded Remo Recover for Mac software.
  • Select Recover Volumes / Drive option and then choose Volume Recovery.
  • Now choose the SD card where you want data from and click next.
  • Succeeding that, you can view deleted folder or files by using the “Show Deleted” button available at the top-left of the software.
  • Now you’ll be able to “Save Recovery Session” so that you need not scan your SD card again after purchase of full version.

Mistakes to avoid post SD card format

  • Don’t try to take photos with camera using the formatted SD card. The new data (image) may overwrite the file which was previously present so it complicates the recovery process.
  • Don’t try to reformat the SD card under any circumstances.
  • Don’t use the SD card with dubious software. You may have a chance of not getting your data if it plays with the SD card or overwriting in the name of recovery.
  • Keep the SD cards untouched after format, so that you can recover your files safely using recovery software.

Remo Recover software is completely free to download and preview your deleted files. The preview option assures you that all files have been recovered by displaying them visually, so your purchase is worth the money.

Superior Tool to Rescue Lost Data After Unsuccessful Transfer Process

Last week I was on trip to Malaysia with my office colleagues, captured tremendous photos, installed wide range of apps, recorded high definition videos, etc. from my Android phone and stored on SD card. After returning home, I have connected SD card to my system via card reader to transfer those videos and photos. But unluckily power goes off in between transferring process at that time I removed the SD card from card reader and putted once again on Android phone. However for my bad luck there were no files or folders on SD card. I want those files back. Is it possible to recover all my stuff from Android SD card?

Ok! Don’t get annoy? The reality is that you perform lost file recovery from SD card after failed transfer process unless it is overwritten with fresh data. Therefore, it is recommended not to add fresh data to that SD card until recovery operation is carried out.

How it is possible to get back lost files from SD card when they are not visible?

Files lost from SD card are not at all beyond recovery. Whenever the files are lost from SD card because of transfer process interruption during that time only the file entry is removed. In reality the file within the SD card remains physically intact, hence making it feasible to restore lost files from SD card by utilizing good Android file recovery software like Remo Recover.

Few common reasons beyond data loss from SD card are as follows:

  • Abrupt removal of SD card from electronic gadgets or system results in data loss
  • Usage of same SD card on several devices might leads to data loss
  • Connecting SD card to virus infected computer or devices
  • Unintentional formatting or use of factory reset option on gadget

Remo Recover Software Matchless Traits:

This tool has been developed keeping in mind all the possible reasons of file loss like interruption during transferring process, corruption of SD card, reformatting, formatting, etc. The software scans rigorously and retrieves all files such as movies, video clips, audios, applications and many more file formats in an simple and proficient way. Moreover, you can empower this tool to restore lost files from other storage devices (SDXC, CF, SDHC, XD, Memory Stick, MMC, etc.) without any issue. It supports recovery of lost data from SD card on all key versions of Windows operating system (Windows Server 2003, 2008, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8). The software also perform recovery of lost photos from SD card that were lost because of abrupt ejection from cell phone, to know complete details of this program make use of this link

Safety Measures:

  • Maintain multiple copies of significant files and store them on system hard disk or other external storage devices
  • Scan your SD card with updated antivirus software to get clear from virus assault
  • Don’t add fresh files when your SD card memory is almost full
  • Always make use of “Safe Remove Option” to eject the SD card
  • Don’t remove the SD card when read or write process is going on

How to Retrieve Videos from SD Card

“Hi friends, Need help”! I fortuitously deleted videos from SD card. It encloses the video of my friend wedding ceremony! I did not back up. Is it possible to retrieve that video? It is precious for me and is recorded from digital camera. Any suggestion or aid will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hey, calm down. No requirement to get infuriate because the simple delete command on most Smartphone’s or digital cameras just marks the space on SD card as being obtainable to store other fresh files on card. As long as you don’t save new data into your SD card, you can easily retrieve video files using excellent third party SD card video recovery software – Remo Recover. The tool also offers a demo version to test its performance, right now keep reading this page to know more about this utility.

In addition to the above-mentioned reason, sometimes you may unluckily format the SD card used to record videos or capture images on special moments, this kind of circumstance results in loss of all videos enclosed on SD card. Therefore, it is advised before formatting your SD card take a backup of precious video files and store them on other storage device.

Few More Scenarios:

  • Abrupt removal of SD card from electronic devices like camera, mobile phone, MP3 players, game console, etc. leads to file system corruption
  • Virus attack
  • Memory card corruption
  • Interruption during video file transfer from SD card to PC
  • Third party applications
  • Improper handling of devices containing SD card, etc.

At present, if you are facing video file loss from your SD card on Windows OS because of any of the above stated reasons then don’t get fret because by making use of Remo SD card video file recovery you can get back those videos at your fingertips.

Remo Recover Software Basic Features:

This tool effectively and efficiently retrieves deleted, lost, formatted or corrupted video files from SD card with few clicks of mouse. The most benefit point of this software is, even a non-technical user can perform recovery operation using this application because all steps to restore lost or deleted video files are clearly mentioned with snapshots. By making use of this program, you can also rescue photos, movies, text documents, etc. without any difficulty. It also supports recovery of data from various other memory cards like SDXC, SDHC, CF, Memory Stick, MMC and so on. This software is designed by group of file recovery professionals and is compatible under all versions of Windows OS based computers without any problems. For additional information pop over here.

Striking Features

  • Remo Recover supports recovery of video files based on FAT 16, NTFS, NTFS 5, ExFAT, FAT 32 file systems
  • Facilitates Preview option to see the recovered video files
  • It also offers Save Recovery Session option that will aid user to prevent rescanning of SD card or any other storage device and user can resume the recovery procedure any time
  • The software is free from virus threats
  • By making use of “Find option” user can find the retrieved video files on the basis of file type, date, size and name, etc.