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Quick Solution to Retrieve Permanently Deleted Word Document

Microsoft Word is one of the Word processing app provided in Microsoft Office. This MS Word application is beneficial for people to create business letters, resumes, project reports, etc. These created documents are saved in .doc or .docx format.

In case these vital documents stored are erased permanently from the laptop accidentally while removing some other files then in what way will you tackle out this problem? Do you know the exact way on how to recover permanently deleted Word document? If not then need not panic, as you can find solution in internet for this problem but the only thing is you need to be alert while selecting the right tool for getting solution among many displayed in internet as all the mentioned third party software will not be responsible for performing Word document recovery after permanent deletion successfully. Hence I suggest you better go for experts suggest toolkit which will be designed mainly to perform recovery and will be tested with its performance. One such reliable toolkit is Remo Recover.

Reasons behind permanent deletion of Word document:

Shift Delete Operation: Along with unwanted data you may mistakenly select the vital Word documents and shift delete them too. When you use shift delete key combination to delete any file knowingly or unknowingly, it will delete those files without leaving any trace in the system.

 Empty Recycle Bin: When you delete any Word document accidentally it will be stored in Recycle Bin so that you can restore it back when needed but if you empty the Recycle Bin without checking with the content present it then you may lose the vital Word and other files that were stored in Bin folder.

 Antivirus Scanning: If file transfer to device is done using virus infected external device then it is common that those viruses may enter your system and corrupt the files. To avoid risk of damage to the system you may use antivirus program, if this antivirus used is not reliable then it will delete all the infected files without any user’s conformation. If your Word documents are severely infected then they will be removed in same way.

If the vital Word documents are lost due to above mentioned reason then stop adding new data to it because the data deleted will just remove the index to be pointed and become invisible to the operating system but the fact is after deletion of any file it still be intact to the hard disk until and unless you add new files to that location. Hence it’s better to use Remo recover tool and perform recovery immediately before data is lost beyond recovery.

Features of Remo recover application:

  •  Remo recover is award winning tool which satisfied many customers’ queries in fraction of seconds.
  •  This restoration toolkit is designed using advanced algorithms to recover both doc and docx files in few moments.
  •  By employing this utility you can restore documents that are created on any version of Microsoft Office Word such as 2000, 2003, 2007, etc.
  •  This app is compatible to perform recovery of permanently deleted Word files on all versions of Windows.
  • You can make use of free trial version to know in detail on how to recover permanently deleted Word document so that you can perform recovery without any assistance from others.
  •  You can preview the recovered files in file type view or data type view.