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Cost Effective Software to Recover Lost Files after Factory Restore

Yesterday morning, I have rebooted my system to its factory restore settings to get clear from error message stating “NTDLR file missing”. After rebooting the system to restore factory setting, I was surprised because there were no files on PC and I really don’t have any idea where my significant files are gone. Now I want to know, is there any best technique or software to retrieve lost data after rebooting the system to factory setting?

In this technical world, everyone across the globe including hospitals, organizations, IT companies, etc. make use of computers to hoard valuable files that are either confidential or office related. The data contains a project report, videos, office documents, movie collection, mp3 files and abundant applications, etc. Nevertheless, the performance of the computer or laptop decreases over time because of the accumulation of files. Therefore, people, who want to bring their system back to the previous working condition at that time they prefer to go with the option “restore factory settings”.

To the above-mentioned query, the answer is absolute “Yes”, you can easily recover lost files after factory restore settings by making use of the best third party “Data Recovery Software” like Remo Recover. However, before moving towards the recovery process, let us have a look when restore factory setting is done:

  • Viruses are the dangerous programs designed to infiltrate and devastate folders and files from the system. Generally virus like Trojan, Adware, Spyware enters into the system from an external storage device or from downloading apps from unreliable sites. These viruses sometimes corrupt the entire system and result in inaccessible of data.
  • Before selling off your computer, if you don’t want to share your files at that time restore factory settings comes in mind. In this situation, most of us forget to take the backup of significant files and face data loss issue.
  • To avert pointless rebooting of PC or laptop, you may go with reset process.

The only remedy to recover the lost files from Windows machine is to utilize professional file recovery tool- Remo Recover. This utility has the ability to restore the lost files within a short duration of time.

Remo Recover Program Amazing Features:

Remo Recover software is ingenious and user belief tool because it is equipped with integrated scanning algorithms to scan the entire machine HDD to get back lost data. It supports the recovery of data from all versions of Windows operating system. The tool has the ability to retrieve different sort of files like videos, audios, Zip files, PPT, PDF, audio files and so on. Furthermore, you can also make use of this tool in restoring lost files from USB, flash drives, external hard disk, memory cards, memory sticks, etc. without any difficulty. In case, if you are a Smartphone user and want to restore data after factory reset android then make use of this tool.

Tips to Evade Data Loss:

  • Before proceeding towards restore factory settings back up your essential files
  • Maintain updated antivirus software in your system and scan it on a regular interval of time

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