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Effective Way to Fix Outlook Indexing

Fix outlook indexingOutlook Indexing issues are most common among PST files so you need something specifically designed to fix this. Thankfully, there is the tool called Remo Repair which is used to fix Outlook indexing by eliminating all the errors by using its effective algorithm which is purely able to repair it. Though Outlook PST files contains attributes such as email attachments, contacts and other sensitive data, the software aims to protect your data by reading it safely. This once again confirms the reliability of the software.

Characteristics of Remo Repair PST

  • The software has special search option for searching deleted PST items on the basis of date, file format type, name and size of the file.
  • Supports PST files created with all the versions of Microsoft Outlook and the software is compatible with all Windows OS till Windows 10.
  • Restore deleted PST data and can be saved in almost any disk drive such as hard disk drive, fire wire drive, SSD, memory sticks, USB drives, etc.
  • The software is able to restore calendar files, Outlook contacts, email attachments and many other elements from a PST file.
  • The tool has built-in file “preview” option which helps user to sneak peek all the repaired or fixed PST contents prior to restoration.

How to Fix Outlook Indexing?

Download the version of Remo Repair PST by following the above link and install it on your system. The installation process is simple and needs only a few minutes. Then launch it, you will be prompted to select the damaged PST file on the box and just select next button. This screen will show you with three options namely “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”. Each option’s functionality will be displayed on the screen when you choose them. Choose the appropriate one and proceed to the next step. In this screen, choose the destination folder where you want to save your fixed file. Choose the next button and you are done. The software does the magic and displays you with index repaired PST file. It allows you to even “Preview” the contents in it. Finally you can “Save” it by activating the software.

Causes of Outlook Indexing Issue

  • Using third party utilities to open PST can cause the Outlook file contents to get altered and corrupted as it uses a different method to open the files.
  • The most common PST file deletion is because of accidental deletion or deleting permanently by using Shift + Delete option which even skips going into recycle bin.
  • Sudden power outages and system shut downs while handling Outlook program and when the PST file is active, it may definitely cause damage.
  • Abruptly quitting Outlook application, system crash and any errors in OS can cause the PST files to behave abnormally which are being currently used.
  • Virus, trojans, malware are responsible for most of the corruptions and plays in this case too. Any infected system can cause harm or damage to the files present on it which includes PST files

Apart from the above listed scenarios, it is useful in all cases which cause corruption in index of PST file.

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