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Free Best PC Apps 2016

There are lot of better and effective utility or apps available for Windows or Mac machines in 2016.  Windows 10 operating system, is one of the updated and advanced edition of Microsoft Corporation has achieved to add the new features from Windows 8.1 operating system and meanwhile the extra function of Windows 10 is known as Windows Store has it created a steam to build the OS. It’s now clear to display the rise in the lot of apps adopted in the Windows Store and other widespread apps that directory is only going to increase.

Hence, the productivity to entertainment, there are many more apps accessed from Windows Store and Windows 10 users can easily selected the apps as per their needs. Here follow the list of major apps for personal computers in the year 2016, they are:


It is top one app and known as Structural app. Trello allows tons of extra specifications including association with other clients and combination with online utilities, also certain viewing modes and labels to create organizing couple of bits of manageable work or task. Its cross-platform, is also used to access anywhere irrespective use of the device.

Code Writer:

This is one of the free app which is used to edit the text and that supports more than 20 dissimilar coding languages, such as Python, JavaScript, HTML, C++, C, and many more. The design of this utility has been enhanced for both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operating system with alike colored plan to the OS. Code Writer looks attractive, yet it works fine and it is easy-to-use with a lot of tutorials and tabbed document interface. For the beginners to expert programming, this app is a great and powerful application to have in their system or computer.

Skype: It is also one of the powerful best-designed tool for Windows Store and released by Microsoft. The Skype utility was designed to use the idea for tablet device and able to run without a sound in the background at most of the times, and ready to get active as soon as instant message or a call comes in. It can remains reliable and useful when cracked side-by-side with other utilities.

Drawboard PDF: This app is the fine and great tool for the user when they intend to markup PDFs.  This Drawboard PDF contains a smooth interface and a different useful utilities. As it is perfect, if the user work in design area or engineering, and this tool works fine stylus and allows to add handwritten comments to PDF documents. It can save carrying papers.


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