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How to Delete a Partition on External Hard Drive

You may look for various solutions to delete partitions on an external drive. Well, deleting a partition is a simple; here is how to remove the partition in a simple way. Here we are making use of Disk Management to remove partition which even allows you to resize, create, and format the partitions without any third party software.

External HDD

Steps to remove partition

  • Initially, right click on My PC, choose Manage, a new window appears, under Computer Management go to Storage and select Disk Management. Or open Control Panel by typing control panel in the search bar next to the Windows button.
  • In the control panel, type Partition in the search bar and click on the link below the administrative tools
  • Then a new dialog box appears, which is divided into two panes. One is the top pane which displays the number of partitions created on your HDD whereas the bottom panel represents a graphical representation of the storage devices.
  • Now, move to the particular partition which you want to remove. For this, right-click the partition that is to be deleted, there hit on delete option. Then a window pops up asking you “Deleting this volume will erase all the data saved on it. Backup any data you want before deleting it. Do you want to continue?”
  • Just hit on “Yes”. Now it displays, unallocated space in your drive.

Then right-click on the unallocated space and choose extend the volume. A new window appears just follow the commands. Then the unallocated space displayed will be removed from Disk Management window. Now go back to My PC, right click on the disk from which you removed the partition. As you click on refresh, it shows the amount of free storage space on the disk.

However, while deleting unwanted partitions to make free space on your drive, if you accidentally delete important ones then here is a solution. Yes! To restore deleted partition just download and install Remo Recover tool.

Know more about Remo Recover tool

The advanced scanning algorithm of Remo Recover tool scans the entire drive to restore deleted partition. The simple step by step procedure of the tool lets even novice users on how to recover a deleted partition on external hard drive with ease. Various partitions such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS+, HFSX partition data recovery is supported by this utility. External drives of various brands such as Buffalo, Toshiba, WD, Seagate, etc. are supported by this tool.

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