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How to Repair Corrupt AVI File?

downloadAVI is a video file container widely used across the world over different media players like VLC, Windows Media Player and QuickTime player. This file format is compatible with different devices like laptop, personal computers, cameras, etc. Sometimes AVI video files get corrupted due to improper conversion, virus attack, abrupt closing of application, etc. Under this condition, user is looking for reliable software to repair corrupted .avi files without any issue.

Remo Repair AVI is an application used to fix corrupted AVI files in few simple steps. This software is capable in repairing AVI as well as MP4 with utmost ease. It is free from harmful virus and malware programs so that user can employ this application on any system. The software creates a copy of corrupted AVI file and then repairs the file without changing the original file. With the assistance of Remo Repair AVI tool, you are able to save repaired video on desired location.

Steps to Repair Corrupted AVI Files

Step I: Download Remo Repair AVI tool to repair damaged and corrupted AVI video on your system. Install and launch the application in order to continue the repairing process.

Step II: After launching the application, you have option to browse for corrupted AVI video. Select the corrupted video and press repair button appear on main screen.

Step III: The software starts repairing corrupted AVI video. After short interval of time, repaired AVI video appear on screen. You can preview the video in order to test the performance of the software.

Step IV: Then you need to provide path for repaired AVI video file. You are able to save the repaired on your desired location.

Some of the reasons responsible for corruption of AVI video

Virus Attack: It is one of the common scenario for corruption of files including videos from system. When the system is connected to infected device or downloading files from unauthorized sites there are high chances of virus attack as a result of which files corrupted and become inaccessible.

Error in File Conversion: While converting videos from one format to another like AVI to MP4 through unreliable tool then there is possibility for corruption of video and become unplayable on any media player.

Improper Closing of Application: If system is turned off due to power failure while watching video then there is few possibility that video file get corrupted and user is unable to access the AVI video.

Other Circumstances: Some other reasons responsible for corruption of AVI video are header file corruption, bad sectors, incomplete download, codec issue, etc.

Under such condition, you can use Remo Repair AVI tool to overcome above mentioned scenarios. This software is compatible with all the versions of Windows and Mac OS such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mavericks, Yosemite, etc.

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