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How to Restore Files after Windows 8 Upgrade

“Hello friends, My computer was running on Windows 7 operating system. After some days I saw excellent features of Windows 8 OS like increased security, friendly user interface, stability, increased performance, etc. So, I decided to upgrade my current operating system to Windows 8. I was knowing that upgrade option will replaces the current Windows 7 version to Windows 8 and keeps all files, folders, settings in one place of the computer. Hence I didn’t take backup of my system in any external drive then I carried with the up gradation process. During upgrade process, due to power failure the up gradation got terminated and my system got shutdown. After power comes I have restarted up gradation. Finally I succeed with Windows 8 upgrade but except OS files, there were not even a single files that were stored in my computer. Is there any solution to recover files after Windows 8 upgrade? If so, then Please let me know.”

Yes, there is a solution for your data loss after Windows 8 upgrade. You can still recover lost files unless you created a new partition or re-formatted volume on Windows system. Other than the above scenario you can also face several instances which might arise before or after the up gradation and make you loss vital files from your system.

Reasons for data loss after Windows 8 upgrade:

  • Error Code:Sometimes you will get an error message when there is a problem in Windows firewall. This error will prevents you from installing Windows OS upgrade. In this case you are denied to upgrade and also access information from your system.
  • Error Due to Fragmented Drive: While upgrading current OS to Windows 8, it will write many files to the hard disk space. You are suppose to do defragment your drive before operation system up gradation otherwise it may affect your files and cause deletion.
  • Improper Up gradation: You should have good knowledge about up grading operating system before you proceed, because if you do not upgrade properly then you you may not able to access files present in your system’s hard drive and also get error message that “Access denied”. Finally, you will end with loss of files.

Whatever may be the reason behind loss of files after Windows 8 upgrade, you need not to worry! As you have Remo Recoversoftware. This tool is robust and reliable to users in order to recover data after Windows 8 upgrade with few mouse clicks.

Features of Remo Recover: 

The Remo Recover software is designed with powerful algorithms that scan the entire hard drive after Windows upgrade to recover lost partition on Windows 8. This tool has fast recovery engine to identify and recover more than 300 types of files and also recover files of all formats such as image files(PSD, PNG, JPG, JPEG, etc.), video files( AVI, MOV, MPG, etc.), document files( DOC, DOCX, HTML, XHTML, etc.) from partitions of hard drive on Windows system. You can use this tool to restore files from various portable devices like flash drives, pen drive, memory cards, etc, within few seconds. This wizard includes simple user interfaces that helps any inexpert users to execute recovery process on Windows 8 smoothly. Demo version of the utility is available for free; make use of it and know how to recover lost files.


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