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How to Retrieve Missing HTML Files?


By the end of this article you will hopefully learn how to recover missing HTML files from your Windows OS based computer with the help of Remo Recover – a complete data recovery software. Also get to know why this software is the best option for you to restore all missing or deleted data from your system. Apart from that, get familiar with some of the most common cases that tend to cause file deletion and loss on your system / hard drive.

Hyper Text Markup Language or generally HTML is the generally reserved language created for the purpose of developing Web pages across all platforms. The created websites can then be seen and accessed by anyone who is looking for it over the internet. It is a basic language for all users across all platforms and yet powerful enough to create almost everything you want in a webpage. Any webpage file created by using HTML is saved on your computer as an HTML file with extension of .html. These files, just like any other document on your storage volume, can go missing, inaccessible or get deleted on various occasions which may occur as a result of improper usage of the computer or the respective storage volume where the files are stored.

In the below section, find some of the most known actions listed that are accountable to cause any document to go missing or get deleted on your Windows based computer. After that, let’s get going to restore lost HTML files with the help of Remo Recover in the later section of the page. (You can as well follow the hyperlink to directly navigate to the main page of this software for detailed information).

Most known actions which are accountable for loss of HTML files from your computer:

  • Bad programming or a malfunctioning HTML file editor software can easily be responsible for the HTML file to go missing or corrupted, after which one may not be able to view them properly
  • Another main cause for any kind of file deletion / loss can be virus or malware attacks on the drive containing those files. These malignant programs are capable enough to set the computer to undergo frequent restarts, file corruptions, data deletions, etc. to mention a few
  • Experiencing frequent power related issues such as power outages, surges or any other disturbances on your computer can cause HTML files that are stored or are currently being to get damaged or lost
  • If the HTML files are stored on a removable media storage device, one has to take proper care while handling them. Mishandling the external media storage drives such as incorrect removal, can cause files stored on it to get damaged or lost

Basic instructions to restore missing HTML files on your PC:

When you come to know that you are not able to find any important documents such as HTML files, or they are missing from its location on your Windows based PC, here are the basic set of instructions to follow in order to try and locate them:

  • Firstly, search for them in Recycle Bin folder as it is occasionally possible for contents to get deleted without your knowledge. If found, you can easily retrieve those contents from Recycle Bin using retrieve button
  • If the missing HTML files were not found in the Recycle Bin folder, make use of Windows Search application to enable the Windows operating system to search those contents for you
  • Ultimately, if the operating system is not able to load any search results for your query, then you can be certain that those items are removed from your computer and you will need a powerful third party data recovery utility to help you undelete those missing contents

Retrieve lost HTML files using Remo Recover on your computer:

Remo Recover can prove to be the most useful data recovery tool to help you find all erased or lost HTML files from any Windows based PC or external media storage volumes. This application allows you to restore only HTML files that are deleted or lost, neglecting the other deleted or junk contents from that drive. Remo Recover also lets you view all rescued files once the recovery session is completed, just before saving them back to your computer.

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