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How to unformat ExFAT partition using Remo Recover?

“I am user of Windows operating system from very long period and Ihad maintained all files in an organized way by dividing hard drive into equal partitions. Last week, I got a message to format one partition as the table present in exFAT file system waswrong because of which it was unable locate files available in that particular partition. I cannot perform format option on that partition because it contains important files and I have not even preserved backup of those files. How to restore datapresent in exFAT partition?”

Absolutely yes, if you opt for best recovery tool called Remo Recover it is possible to unformat ExFAT partition.

Partitions are nothing but different segments available on hard drive of computer that are mainly used to store data. There are many advantages of partitions like it increases speed of the system, permits to access more than one operating system on single computer, memory space can be utilized effectively. The details of all these partitions like size, filename, location will be present on file table like Extended File Allocation Table without which it is unable to locate files.

Let us have a look on scenarios that causes data loss from exFAT partition:

  • Presence of bad sectors – Increased number of bad sectors on exFAT partition, will block the data and loss of information from respective drive will occur
  • Unintentional formatting – Selecting  important files from exFAT partition accidentally  instead of unwanted files results in data loss
  • File system corruption – File system might get corrupted due to hardware, software conflicts that causes data loss from exFAT partition
  • Inaccurate transfer process – If there are any interruptions like sudden power loss, lack of memory, improper shut down of system in between the process of exchanging files from exFAT partition to other devices results in data loss
  • Other reasons – Reformatting, operating system corruption, virus attack, unreliable third party tools etc. are other reasons responsible for data loss from exFAT partition

Why Remo Recover?

  • Remo Recover is best recovery tool that can be used to restore data from exFAT partition very easily
  • It has the capacity to scan whole drive in few minutes for fast retrieval of data from exFAT partition
  • Recovery of data from different file systems like FAT16, FAT32 can be achieved
  • New users or less technical knowledge users can easily install it, as it is designed with simple user interface
  • With the help of a feature called Find tool, you can locate recovered files from huge data list
  • Technical team will be available for 24*7, if you have any issues during recovery process can be resolved as soon as possible
  • Remo Recover is all rounder software that can also be used to unformat media card and for more queries about retrieval process visit here.

Simple steps to be followed

  • Download and install the software
  • Select the drive on which recovery tool should be employed
  • Then scanning process on that drive will start
  • After which recovered files will be available in huge list of data
  • At last save the recovered files to particular destination



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