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How to Unformat Mac Hard Drive

It’s very easy to unformat Mac hard drive using this simple tool. Unformatting is usually gaining back the formatted files and folders. You may be wondering how? But it’s all simple and requires just few clicks. It is made possible with the software called Remo Recover. The software mainly aims at unformatting the deleted files and folders from the drive. You will know how to unformat hard drive Mac interface once you read this article. This guide will be enough to give you an instant solution to what you are searching for.

Characteristics of Remo Recover

  • unformat mac hard driveunformat mac hard driveAble to recover more than 300 file types of images, videos, music, compressed files, documents, etc by unformatting the hard drive.
  • Can unformat RAW image files taken with any cameras including GoPro, Nikon, Canon, etc. It supports a wide range of camera brands and RAW image types.
  • It is compatible with all the versions of Mac operating systems such as Mountain Lion, Yosemite, El Capitan, etc.
  • Supports unformat of files and folders from all types of disk drives like external hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, etc.
  • Supports sorting of files on basis of the name, size and type of the file after scanning the hard drive for files. You can also Find a specific file by providing the file name

Thos salient features of the software makes this successful in unformatting the lost data from the hard drive. It is using such algorithm which keeps track of the files and folders even after deleted from the hard disk thus making unformatting possible. As the formatting clears up all the files from the disk, unformatting the drive requires nothing but simple clicks using this tool.

In background when formatting, it just erases the link to the file and folders but the actual file still exists on the drive. This can be recovered back by unformatting it thus the software does this process efficiently.

Steps to Unformat Data from Mac Hard Drive

Select Recover Volumes or Drive once after downloading and installing it on your Mac device. Then you need to choose Formatted or Reformatted Recovery in order to unformat the hard drive. Then this will be the important step you need to choose carefully from which volume you want to unformat your data. Selecting the Next option will start scanning your selected drive for data. Depending upon the size of the volume, it may take some time to finish the drive scan. Then it will display the entire directory tree in a Mac styled interface in which you can sort the files according to the file name and size. After that, you can sneak peek the multimedia files too. You can save the unformatted files and folders to your desired disk after software evaluation. The details about the full version software are given on the link specified above.

The software works in a way that it makes sure that it scans the drive deeply by going into each and every sectors of the disk for data. This is done safely by using a specific mechanism that the designers of the tool are using it. So enjoy unformatting Mac hard drives.

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