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HTC sensation recovery using Remo Recover

Every time the technologies get updated, the trend of the crowd also gets improved accordingly. One of the most ongoing trends these days is on Android Smartphone. Android is one of the mobile operating system that is based on Linux developed by most well known company Google. It is the largest operating system installed on any mobile platform used by hundreds of users. Android supports cameras, touch screen, GPS, thermometer, gaming controls and so on any Smartphone. Some of the significant features of Android are messaging provides two forms like SMS and MMS, Web browser based on open source, Multi touch that was initially available in HTC hero, Multitasking, different application can be used at a time according to the users choice etc.

One such Smartphone that uses Android as an operating system is HTC mobile phone. High Tech Computer Corporation in Taiwan is a manufacturer of Smartphone. It has already gained the popularity by its excellent features like having thin structure, capacity depends on the model, user friendly and many more. Apart from all these modern applications present in HTC still there are chances of data loss. But not an issue because there is software called Remo Recover utilizing which it is easy and simple to recover HTC sensation data.

Reasons for data loss in HTC are:

Accidental deletion

Since the HTC Smartphone are used by each and everyone, while performing some or the other task if you select delete option by mistake leads to data loss.

Abrupt removal of memory card

Whenever the memory card present in the HTC  Smartphone are not working properly its common to remove and insert back .During this process if you don’t switch off your mobile phones then that leads to data loss.

Operating system corruption

Android Smartphone’s supports various applications. Usage of many applications sometimes leads to crash of operating system corruption in turn will results in data loss.

Keeping passwords for security

It is common to have keep passwords for Mobile phones in order to prevent the access from unauthorized users. If in case you don’t remember your password then there is need to format. Formatting the device might leads to data loss

Apart from the above reasons there are many more like using unreliable third party tools, virus infection, unintentional formatting  of the HTC Smartphone etc.

Overview of Remo Recover

 Remo Recover is one of the best software that can be used to recover lost data from HTC Smart Phones and also supports different types of Smartphone’s. It can even recover .apk files which is Android application package without any efforts. Ability to recover different files present in Smartphone like videos, photos, movie files etc. With the help of this software it is easy to scan the internal and external memory of the phone. It has the capacity to retrieve data from unmounted SD card and can create copy of SD card for fast recovery of the lost data. The features like Save Recovery Session avoids re-scanning and option like preview provides an opportunity for user to view the lost data in advance. Apart from this supports recovering of lost data from Mac memory card recovery  and different operating systems in a simple, secure, efficient way.


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