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iPhone 7-Coming in 2016

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus are only few months older but rumours are trickling out already about next generation Apple’s smartphone that is iPhone 7. But, until the fall of 2016, latest iPhone 7 won’t be introduced.

What we might see when the device is released?

The iPhone 7 is a latest Apple’s next generation Android phone which is expected to bring fundamental updates to your smartphone line-up. Here you will get to know everything about iPhone 7.

  • Radical redesign is likely to be seen in Apple’s next iPhone.
  • The design features of iPhone 7 will be very much similar to that of iPhone 6S but it is expected to be thinner than iPhone 6S.
  • The next generation iPhone could have strengthened and waterproof frame and will have 3GB RAM.
  • The upcoming iPhone will not have the 3.5mm headphone jack and may not ship a pair of Lightning-enabled EarPods.
  • Apple plans to launch two versions of next iPhone that includes the 4.7in iPhone 7 and 5.5in iPhone 7 Plus.
  • The upcoming iPhone 7 is the first to use Samsung’s OLED screen technology that provide boost in vibrancy and power efficiency and the first iPhone to feature Intel internals.
  • Wireless charging and Apple phasing out 16GB version of the smartphone with the arrival of the new iPhone 7.
  • Rumours striking, the latest iPhone 7 will have bigger upgrade in the photography department.

Wireless Earphones
The new iPhone 7 along with Lightning-equipped EarPods also be sold with wireless Bluetooth earphones. These wireless earphones does not even includes a wire that connects the left and right ear to eachother as you have seen in your traditional Bluetooth headphones. The Apple new wireless earphones does not include connective cord between left and right ear pieces.

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