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Is it possible to recover missing MP4 files from SanDisk pen drive?

“Yesterday I transferred so many essential MP4 files using SanDisk pen drive, to my Mac operating system which were taken from my friend. Today, when I turned on my system to take a look of mp4 files, was shocked to notice some of them were missing. I was thinking how could it happen and later got to know that my Mac system was suffering from virus attack, due to which MP4 files were lost. Is it possible to retrieve missing mp4 files from SanDisk pen drive?”

SanDisk is a popular brand involved in manufacturing pen drives. They are mainly used in saving and retrieving data, MP4 files, documents etc. Due to their user friendly features like portable from one place to another, provides large storage capacity ranging from 0.1 MB to 128 GB, speed of data

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