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Method to Restore Files from Desktop

Key benefits of using Remo Recover (Windows) application to retrieve lost files from desktop:Recover Windows Files

  • Remo Recover (Windows) software is used to retrieve lost files which are deleted using shift + delete or by using Command Prompt in your Windows desktop and also it has the ability to make out all varieties of lost files on basis of their signatures and restored files are saved on basis of their file name, size and type.
  • Using this application you can easily retrieve file missing, lost files and deleted files from desktop, USB drives and other storage devices with simple recovery procedure. It has the capacity to retrieve files from formatted / reformatted desktop without any complexity and also it runs on all versions of Windows OS.
  • It made all kinds of users to understand the recovery process easily by designing GUI and also this program is designed with special built in algorithm to retrieve all kinds of file lost from desktop.
  • You can also preview the restored files once before buying the software from online and saving them to your system. This software provides a special feature called “Save Recovery Session” button using this you can directly load the retrieved files without rescanning the device again.

How to retrieve lost files from desktop using Remo Recover program:

Solution for how to retrieve files from desktop is, first you have to download the free demo edition of Remo Recover (Windows) from online and install it on your desktop. Now you can launch that installed application by using run option and then in the main screen of the program you need to choose recover files button. In next screen you have to choose either recover deleted files or lost files depending on your necessity. Next you have to select the drive from which you need to retrieve lost files from desktop and select next button to start the recovery process. Once the process gets finish you can view the retrieved files list in two forms that is file type view and data view. Using save recovery session button you can save those retrieved files to avoid rescanning after buying the application. Finally, you can load those saved restored files by purchasing the premium version of Remo Recover software from online.

Reason for the delete of files on desktop:

  • Accidentally delete of files: Deleting all files by mistake using format all option from the Windows, might leads to complete deletion of all stored files on your Windows desktop.
  • Harmful virus issue: If the desktop gets infected by virus or malware then it gets spread to all stored files present on desktop and it might delete some important files due to virus attack.
  • File system issue: If your file system gets corrupted due to some reasons then it might lead to loss of files from desktop.

These are some reasons for the delete of files on desktop, but it can be resolved by installing Remo Recover tool on your Windows desktop.

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