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Microsoft Launches Mixed Reality Concept

It has been declared by the sources that the software giant Microsoft is going to launch the concept of Windows Mixed Reality event in the next month. The news has been confirmed as officials from the company are inviting press members to the event which is going to held somewhere near Oct 3rd in San Francisco. In the mega event, Microsoft’s Kinect and HoloLens inventor are the main personalities who will be delivering the interesting lecture about the concept.

It seems that Microsoft is likely to focus on Windows Mixed Reality headsets in this event. The Mixed Reality headsets are going to launch in the next month alongside Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The price range of mixed reality headsets are around $299 compared to Acer, HP pricing its own at $450 and the Dell / Lenovo is around $349.

Besides, Microsoft won’t be showing off a new version of its own HoloLens. Despite, it is developing another HoloLens along with a dedicated AI chip which holds the successor of original HoloLens but it won’t arrive until 2019. So we are eagerly waiting for the Mixed Reality Headset event and that will figure out the Microsoft users.

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