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Missing File Recovery Software for Mac

It will be very painful when your important documents related to your work is missed from your Mac system. You might have spent couple of hours or even days to prepare those documents that have completely vanished from your Mac system. The condition gets worse, if there is not enough time to prepare those documents again. At such case, restoring those missing files turns out to be essential.

Usually, users may face such data loss situations one day or the other. No doubt that Mac system has an in-built “Time Machine” tool to assist you in recovering missing files on latter date. Just assume that “Time Machine” is not enabled to back up your data on Mac. Do not worry, you have one more option to find missing files Mac i.e., using powerful data recovery software like Remo Recover software. Before going to know much about this data recovery software, let us have a glance at couple of reasons that lead to loss of files from Mac system, so that they can be avoided in future.

  1. Corruption in the file system of Mac Volume can lead to loss of files
  2. Operating system corruption or sudden system shut down due to power failure can result in loss of files
  3. Improper ejection of external storage device from the system while transferring files from Mac system to external device or vice versa can cause missing of files
  4. Emptying Trash folder or deleting the contents of Trash folder can lead to loss of files. At times while erasing useless files from Mac Volume, you may erase few important files. Those files will be moved to Trash folder. At this point of time, emptying Trash folder without glancing at the contents of the folder will lead to loss of files.
  5. Catalog file corruption is one of the other reason behind loss of files from Mac system


In order to avoid above mentioned data loss scenarios, it is advised to back up all your important files on regular basis. In case, if you have forgotten to back up your files and came across any of the above said data loss scenarios, then just stop worrying and immediately stop using the Mac Volume from where you lost your files. Because overwriting of files reduces the chance of missing file recovery on Mac. Then, take the help of Remo Recover application and easily find missing files Mac desktop or laptop in few simple steps. One of the greatest advantage of this software is that it provides free demo version to its users to evaluate the tool prior to purchase. Demo version has all the features as of complete version except save option.

Prominent Features of Remo Recover Mac Software:

  1. Demo version of this software, scans your Mac system deeply with its advanced scanning algorithms and finds all the missing files in few clicks
  2. You are facilitated to preview the recovered files in demo version itself
  3. An advanced option called “Save Recovery Session” option in demo version saves your time, as you do not have to rescan your Mac system after purchasing the tool. Once yo purchase the licensed version of this software, you can resume with the saved recovery session using “Open Recovery Session” button.
  4. This application supports missing file recovery on Mac OS X of different versions such as Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, Mavericks, etc.
  5. It can not only find missing files Mac, but also capable of finding erased or deleted files on Mac with utmost ease.

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