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MP4 File is of Unsupported Type

Upon playing your favourite .mp4 video you might suddenly come across an error pop-up. Your multimedia player may not be able to play it right at any attempts. You would see some message like- extension error or unsupported file type. To play a MP4 file format, the computer needs to have a right codec.

At the very first step you can try to play the .mp4 video in some other media player application in the same computer or a different one. Chances are that the erroneous video could play well. If not then the file needs a repair in order to make it play fine. However, in the meantime, know some common causes for issues with MP4 files-

  • Incompatible media player application
  • Codec issues
  • Use of unauthorized/untrustworthy tools (video conversion tools)
  • Malware or virus
  • Incomplete file compression
  • Incorrect conversion
  • Damages or corruptions to MP4 file

To resolve this issue, all you need is use .mp4 repair software. Remo Repair is a good tool to handle all errors occurring with MP4 files on the computer. In case, if you have deleted your .MP4 files and looking to restore it then you will need a mp4 video recovery software. Using repair application you can fix any broken MP4, MOV and MPEG video files with a greater ease. The application can be installed on any version of Windows and Mac (separately available for Mac and Windows operating systems. It can instantly repair and restore your video data in their original format.

Recovering MP4 media: Erased .mp4 files can be revived using the Remo Recover program. The software also supports restoration of MP4 files that are missing from computer location. The program also supports recovery of deleted or lost media files from external storage devices like –USB drives, SSD, memory cards, external HDD etc.

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