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PC is Unable to Recognize Hard Drive

When booted my new PC, it recognize SSD but unable to see my hard drive. Is it possible to fix the problem manually?”

Sometimes you might come across the problem in which you are unable to recognize external hard drive or USB flash drive on your personal computer. You face such problems due to drive issue, dead drive, and wrong file system. The steps to fix the above-mentioned issues:

Check Drive in Disk Management

In case, PC is unable to see hard drive then you need to fist check your disk management. Connect external drive to your computer and open disk management tool. Press Windows Icon+R and type diskmgmt.msc into the type box and press OK. It is possible that you see your drive listed in DMS. But it is not in the list means the drive doesn’t contain any partition problem.

If drive is visible on screen then you need to format it completely so that Windows is able to recognize, read and access data stored in drive.

Partitioning and Formatting Drive

You can easily fix the problem associated with file system and partition with disk management tool. If you are able to see the drive as unpartitioned or unallocated then create new partition so that you are able to use the drive. In order to create new partition, follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Right click on unallocated space in the disk management tool
  2. Select New Simple Volume and follow the steps to create partition

Sometimes on creating new partition you are still unable to see on computer. You need to assign drive letter so that you can access in Windows. This step is happen automatically but if you manually deletes drive letter then you are unable to recognize drive. To assign drive letter, follow the given steps:

  1. Right click on the removable drive and Choose change drive letter and path
  2. Add drive letter like add letter F: then external drive become accessible at F:

If you are able to see drive as partitioned then it means you have changed the file system that Windows fails to read. In such cases, you need to reformat the drive with older file system such that Windows can easily recognize. Before reformatting, keep backup of all important files as all files are wiped out after reformatting. Steps to reformat a partition:

  1. Right click on partition > Select Format > Choose desire file system

Still you are unable to access hard drive then you need to apply software to recovery files and folder. This suggests how to recover data from hard disk which is not detecting in few simple steps.

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