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Recovering Corrupted FAT32 Partition

The FAT file system (File Allocation Table) has the file allocation table kept at the beginning of any hard drive or partition. The FAT file system was originally designed for small hard disk drive partitions and basic file structures. Two copies of the FAT file system are stored on the respective partition as a safety measure. If any one of the copies of file allocation table gets damaged or corrupt, the other FAT file system is made use. The exact manner in which all contents are stored and organized on a logical hard disk or a partition is determined by the employed file system on it. The FAT file system has an entry for each and every item that is stored on the partition which contains the location of the item’s starting cluster. Every cluster has a pointer which points out to the following cluster in the file.

The FAT32 is an advanced version of the original FAT file system and a successor to FAT16 file system. The FAT32 file system, by default, makes use of 32KB clusters for storing all contents. This file system is mainly advantageous as a hard drive using FAT32 file system can be easily read and written to all OS X based systems, Linux, etc. without having to reformat it.

Brief overview regarding corrupted FAT32 partition recovery:

If you have a partition on a Windows based system that is formatted with FAT32 file system which is corrupted, and are searching for a way to perform FAT32 partition recovery in order to get back all lost data from that drive, this article is exclusively for you. Read on to learn the various factors that can be held liable for causing a partition to get corrupted or inaccessible. Followed by that is the method for recovering corrupted FAT32 partition by making use of one of the most trusted and effective partition recovery applications called Remo Recover. Also, get to know why this tool is the best choice to recover all types of data from a corrupted FAT32 partition on Windows.

Various reasons for causing FAT32 partitions to get corrupted or inaccessible:

  • Erasing a FAT32 partition on a Windows system which has important data stored on it using Disk Management tool. This action will certainly cause the entire partition to get erased along all of its information
  • If there are any problems faced while performing hard disk drive partitioning on Windows, it can result in that volume to get lost or inaccessible. Similarly while resizing, combining or separating hard disk partitions
  • If there are any critical issues faced while reinstalling / upgrading the Windows operating system, it will result in the respective FAT32 volume to turn inaccessible
  • Technical errors such as hard disk malfunctions, start-up disk breakdown, OS crashes, power related faults, etc. can cause a partition to get corrupt

Making use of Remo Recover for performing FAT32 partition recovery:

Performing partition restoration on a volume which is formatted with FAT32 file system with the help of Remo Recover tool is the best decision that anyone can make. Following are a few of the most advantageous features of Remo Recover utility:

  • This tool can reliably recover all data even from FAT32 partitions that are reformatted or are repartitioned with ease
  • Apart from retrieving all data from a FAT32 file system partition, this application can be employed to retrieve data from hard drive having different kinds of file systems including NTFS, FAT16, HFS, etc. with ease
  • Even if the partition from which you want to retrieve data is affected with bad sectors or if is logically damaged, this powerful software can perform data restoration on such volumes to get back all data

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