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Recovery of data from missing partition on Windows 7

“I am a user of Windows operating system from very long period, recently got to know about its latest version Windows 7 system. As the reviews and features were excellent, I purchased Windows 7 operating system and created partitions on computer hard drive to save various files types on different partitions. Last week, one of the partition was full in which all my entertaining stuffs like audio, video files were stored and remaining partitions created were having minimum amount of data so taught to repartition. During repartitioning process of Windows 7OS computer hard drive, all my data got messed, butdon’t know why this exactly happened and lost all my essential files. Is it possible to restore missing data from that partition?”

Partitioning is a process of dividing computer hard drive into several segments to store different data types on various partitions. With the help of software called partition editor, any partition can be created, resized, deleted and modified on hard drive.

Some of the benefits of partitions are:

  • The memory space available on hard disk of computer can be utilized effectively
  • Increases the performance of system
  • As different files are stored on various partition, locating is easy hence time can be saved
  • Supports multi boot setups, so more than one operating system can be used on single system

Even though, partitions are useful for both users and system to boost up the speed of computer, sometimes because of abnormal circumstances like virus attack, repartitioning etc. There are more chances of losing data from partitions and if you have heard similar issues or your one among them to face such problems,here is a perfect recovery tool called Remo Recover. Using this software you can get back lost information from partition and for more queries on the recovery process and software visit the mentioned URL

Some of the general reasons for data loss from partitions are:

Computer virus

Hard drive gets infected from virus when the system is suffering from virus attack due to data transfer from other infected device, unreliable third party tools etc. Sometimes, because all the above reasons data loss occurs from partition.

Formatting of wrong partition

Hard drive of computer can be divided into number of partitions. In such cases, if the user selects wrong partition to format instead of some other partition makes user to loss essential files.

Other reasons

When users are operating on partitions like file transfer preview, due to sudden power loss, improper shut down, unintentional deletion there are chances of data loss.

 About Remo Recover

Remo Recover is ideal software that can be used to retrieve lost information from partitions present on computer hard drive. It has the capacity to scan whole drive within less span of time. With the help of a feature called Save Recovery Session, rescanning of drive can be avoided and time can be saved. Apart from this, recovery algorithms helps user to rescue lost files at the earliest.  Remo Recover which can be utilized to know how to prevent lost data and recover the missing data. For more information about the software make a click here.  Using free version available on internet, user can check the efficiency of software in advance before purchasing.

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