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Simple Steps to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 8.1

In today’s market, everyone makes use of computers / laptops running with Windows OS and they prefer using updated operating system in their computers.  Windows 8.1 is the new latest version of Windows operating system that offers various advanced features in comparison with older versions of Windows OS. All your vital data that includes precious pictures, videos, movies, office documents, etc. can be saved on the hard disk of your Windows 8.1 PC. After storing various files, most of the users believe that computer’s hard drive proves to be the safest place. But, this is not the case. On one or the other day, people end up with loss of their significant files either due to deletion or formatting. It might have happened to most of us, where we would end up deleting important file and later realize that we need it back.

Are the files really deleted from your Windows 8.1 computer?

Windows computer provides a temporary folder to store deleted files i.e. Recycle Bin. In case you are not sure whether you have permanently deleted the files, then first look around into Recycle Bin of your Windows system. If the files are not present over there, it means you have used hard deletion method i.e. Shift + Delete keys and the files are permanently deleted. In such case, you would end up losing your vital files from Windows 8.1.

Is it still possible to restore deleted files in Windows 8.1 system?

Yes, it is possible to retrieve files from Windows 8.1 hard drive after deletion. Are you thinking how?? Actually, when you a delete a file using delete option or shift delete keys, the file will get erased from your hard disk and made invisible to you. But, in reality, the operating system will only delete index information that is required to locate any file and mark the storage space as available for adding new data. The deleted data will be saved on the same memory location until and unless it is overwritten by adding new files, and hence there comes the possibility of recovering deleted files from Windows 8.1 computer using some appropriate file retrieval utility.

What’s your next step??? Stepping ahead to search for third party file recovery tool? Well, your search ends here!!! The most proficient tool is Remo Recover Windows that is suggested by many data recovery experts to get back files deleted from Windows 8.1 hard disk. By using Remo Recover Windows application, you can restore deleted files of various types that include your favorite songs, precious photos, videos, important Office documents and many more.

Striking Features of Remo Recover Windows Software:

  • Supports deleted files recovery on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc.
  • Compatible to recover deleted files from hard drive of different interfaces such as IDE, SATA, ATA, PATA, etc.
  • Efficient enough to restore files from Windows 8.1 system after deletion, formatting, virus attack, OS crash, HDD corruption, etc.
  • In addition to computer’s hard drive, the software can be used to undo deleted files on memory card, external hard drives, cameras, iPods and many more.
  • It is built with simple GUI that helps even a non techie user to retrieve lost or deleted files without any hassle.
  • It is equipped with robust scanning engine that deeply scans the drive to locate deleted or lost files and recovers them based on their unique file signature.

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