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Simple Tips for Restoring My Documents Folder

“Hi everyone, I am using Windows operating system in my desktop and everything was fine till yesterday. Actually, my hard drive was getting piled up and has not left out with much free space in it. Therefore, yesterday evening I turned on my system and started deleting unwanted files and folders using Shift + Delete keys in order to make free space for saving new data. While erasing unwanted files and folders, I deIeted my documents folder thinking there are no important files saved in it. After deletion, I realized that I saved some important files which I did not maintained backup. Is there a way to retrieve deleted my documents folder?”

This type of problem can arise with any users at any point of time. In such situations, just be patience and do not worry much about the deleted documents folder. It can be easily restored with the assistance of powerful and prominent data recovery tool. Files like excel files, word documents, PowerPoint files, etc. can be saved in My Documents folder and it comes under ‘Library’ of Windows computer. In case, if you delete this my document folder, then you can never save any files in this folder in future. Now, let us know some reasons behind deletion of My Documents folder on Windows systems.

  • Like a scenario described in first paragraph, while deleting unwanted files and folders permanently using Shift + Delete keys from Windows computers, you may accidentally delete My Documents folder. Or else, after simple deletion of files and folders emptying recycle bin folder results in deletion of the folder
  • Formatting the drive intentionally or unintentionally without backup results in deletion of data from My Documents folder
  • If your computer has multiple user accounts and if you delete any user account from the system, then it results in the deletion of document folder
  • Using any third party tools like antivirus tool or C cleaner App can result in the deletion of document folder. In addition, file deletion using command prompt, interruptions during cut and paste operations, and other factors are responsible for the permanent deletion of My Documents folder

Retrieve Deleted My Documents Folder using Remo Recover Tool:


If you are worried about how to retrieve deleted my documents folder after you face any of the above discussed scenarios, then just relax and be calm. To ensure safe and secure recovery of deleted my documents folder employ Remo Recover software, which is a prominent and professional recovery tool that will retrieve deleted my documents folder on all Windows based PCs and laptops. You can test the performance of the software by downloading and running its demo version. After the demo version completes scanning process, allows you to preview the recovered files of my documents folder.

Features of Remo Recover Program:

Remo Recover is one of the best cost effective data recovery software that has an ability to recognize and recover more than 300 types of files including documents, presentation files, spreadsheets, PDF files, HTML files, images, videos, audio files, and many more with ease. It supports deleted document folder recovery on almost all Windows versions such as Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Windows 2000, etc. Moreover, data from external hard drives, memory cards, computer’s internal hard disk drives, flash drives, pen drives, FireWire drives, and many devices can be easily recovered by utilizing this utility.

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