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Steps to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from your PC


Remo Recover can retrieve all your permanently deleted files from your pc

It’s a calm Sunday evening. You are cleaning your system of unwanted data. You are selecting each and every file carefully and arranging them in separate folders. All the remaining files are by default unwanted and ready to be dumped into the Recycle bin. But wait, the C drive doesn’t have enough space. You cannot send your files to Recycle bin. Only option ahead of you is to permanently delete the files or in other words, use Shift+delete option.

After selecting “unnecessary” files, you exercise the Shift+delete option. Bam! All the files have disappeared! While you are heaving a sigh of relief at how organized your PC looks at the moment, you suddenly realize that you deleted an important project file along with all the “unnecessary” files.

You go to Recycle bin in the hope of finding it there. No. It is not there. Before you start panicking, calm those nerves first. You have come to the right page!

First and foremost, do not add any new data to the folder/(s) from where data was deleted permanently. It can result in overwriting of data and the recovery process becomes tough.

Let us look at few ways that can be employed to recover your deleted files.

  1. Restore files from backup:

Make sure the media or device from where data loss happened is present.

  • Click on Start – > Control Panel -> System and Maintenance -> Backup and Restore.
  • Click Restore my files. Now follow all the on-screen instructions.
  1. Restore files from previous versions:

Using this method, you can restore your deleted files or folders to a previous state.

  • Click on Start -> Computer.
  • Go to the folder from where you deleted the files. Right-click it and then click Restore previous versions.

You will now see a list of all previous versions of the file/folder. The list contains files contained on a backup and restore points, if both of them are available.

Previous versions of files

  • Double click on the previous version of the folder that contains file or folder that you want to restore. (For instance, if you deleted the file yesterday, choose a version of the folder from two days ago. The file should be there).
  • Once you got the file you were looking for, copy/drag the file to a different location, like Desktop.

This version of the file will be selected in the folder that you selected.

Recovery using Remo Recover Software

If you weren’t able to find all the deleted files, do not worry. Remo Recover software has powerful scanning algorithms to scan the entire drive to locate and restore all your lost data.

If you are wondering on how to restore deleted notepad files, Remo Recover basic edition can do the job for you. Even if you used Dropbox to store your files, but lost them recently, Remo Recover can help you solve your question on how to retrieve deleted files off dropbox.

You can also recover permanently deleted word document using Remo Recover software.

The software supports the recovery of more than 300 file types. If you don’t find the file type you are looking for, you can still add the file type and search.



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