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Steps to Restore Crashed Hard Disk Drive

Computer’s internal as well as external hard disk drives can get crashed at any point of time, due to which a blank blue screen appears when we turn on our system at that time. In such circumstance, we could not find any option to click due to which we face severe data loss. There are wide variety of reasons behind hard drive getting crash, most frequent and common ones are listed below.

  1. Hard disk gets crash physically due to various reasons like malfunction or faults in hard drive like read/write head crash, formation of excessive bad sectors, exposing hard drive to overheat, moisture, aging of hard drive, mechanical or physical failures, etc. are the reasons behind inaccessible of the hard drives
  2. The other one is logical crash of the hard drives that happens due to operating system malfunction, human errors, partitioning or repartitioning errors, virus/malware infection, incorrect formatting of the hard drive, interruptions while formatting, and other technical issues. After logical failure of the hard drive, system becomes unbootable and so all our data becomes inaccessible

Don’t get upset when your hard drive crashes physically or logically, because many data recovery tools are available to restore crashed hard drive. The best thing is selecting Remo Recover software, which is well-known as hard drive crash recovery software that restore crashed hard drive in few clicks.

Hard Drive Crash Recovery Software to Restore Crashed HDD:


Remo Recover software, nowadays is a trending hard drive crash recovery software that scans, recognizes and recovers more than 300 types of files from a crashed hard drive with great ease. This software is designed specially with advanced scanning algorithms that assists in recovering data from crashed, dead, corrupted, and hard drive with excessive bad sectors. Moreover, it supports data recovery from crashed HDD of various types such as SCSI, IDE, SATA, SSD, and many more. Just launch and run the demo version to evaluate the tool prior purchase. After running the demo version, you can view the recovered files before saving. To save the recovered files, you need to activate the complete version.

Benefits of using Remo Recover Tool:

  1. Demo version comes out with advanced feature “Save Recovery Session” to save the entire recovery process. So that, after activating the full edition, you need not rescan your hard drive again, instead with “Open Recovery Session” button, you can save the recovered files at your desired location
  2. It supports recovery from RAID, RAID0, RAID3, and RAID 5 partitions
  3. If you want to recover a particular type of files, you can use “Signature Search” option provided in the software
  4. The recovered files can be sorted based on various file attributes like file name, file type, size, and date. Also these recovered files can be compressed to increase the free disk space
  5. It also supports data recovery from other devices including memory cards, external hard drives, flash drives, pen drives, FireWire drives, thumb drives, etc.
  6. Remo Recover tool creates a disk image of the crashed hard drive and recovers all your files safely and securely without missing single file

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