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Tips for Getting the Most Out of OS X Yosemite

The latest OS X Yosemite has many fantastic features inside a cleaner, improved interface on the Macintosh. It’s a very big upgrade and there’s plenty to explore in the new version of Yosemite.

Wondering how to get started?

Follow the below mentioned tips and tricks for getting the most out of OS X Yosemite:

  • Turn on “dark mode”: Yosemite include a new “dark mode” which turns the menu bar, Spotlight and dock black.
  • Do a ton of stuff with Spotlight: Now Spotlight is more powerful in the latest OS X version that has the ability to search 22 types of data.
  • Manage your extensions: Applications optimized for OS X Yosemite can now offer extensions. Actions, Finder, Share Menu and Today are the four types of extensions that is added in the latest Mac version.
  • Annotate images in Mail: In Yosemite you can directly annotate images and PDFs in Mail with the Apple’s new Markup extension.
  • Sign things using your trackpad: Another wonderful advantage of Markup is the capability to sign things using your trackpad.
  • See all open tabs in Safari: With the help of Safari in OS X you are able to view all your open tabs and let you to close and also organize them individually.
  • Be untraceable with DuckDuckGo, private windows: The DuckDuckGo does not track your search results and with Safari private browsing is very much easier.
  • Quickly access your iOS device’s hotspot: The iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite makes it easier to use your iOS devices as a mobile hotspot and make sure you are logged into the same iCloud account.
  • Use Handoff for supported apps: There are various new features that allows your Macintosh and iPhone work together like Handoff. If you update an app for Handoff on Yosemite and iOS then you can seamlessly move between these devices. Enabled or disabled Handoff under General in System Preference:
  • Answer iPhone calls on your Mac: As long as your iPhone is nearby, you can answer iPhone calls and can make calls from the Contacts app or Spotlight in OS X Yosemite.
  • Record your iOS device’s screen: The QuickTime in OS X, not only record the Mac’s screen but also your iPhone or iPad’s screen could be recorded when they are connected through a Lightning cable.
  • Eradicate transparency: You have an option to make all the transparency go away on your system, just go to Accessibility in System Preferences and check the “Reduce transparency” icon. This is helpful because few app windows and interface elements in OS X are slightly translucent.

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