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What is Partitioning a Drive and explain its advantages and disadvantages?

Disk partitioning is the logical division of Storage device like Hard disk in order to improve performance and each partition will act as an independent drive. Each storage drive should have at least on partition in order to set up a file system, only then you can use it for saving data. A disk with a traditional partition table can only have up to four partitions. For doing partition, use can use either Operating system installer or graphical tools.

Advantages of Disk partitioning

  1. If you have got any problems with your OS or installed programs, you just need to format your C drive only if your hard disk is a partitioned one. Here, you don’t need to back up data as it resides on another Partition.
  2. If viruses affect some files on your system, then you need to scan or format that particular drive only if you have done Partition.
  3. If you have kept commonly used files in one partition and rest of the files in another, the speed and overall performance of the system increases.
  4. You can use different file system format that best suits the type of your files if you have done partition.
  5. You can defrag only those drives having low performance
  6. You can encrypt a particular partition that is having sensitive data.
  7. You can install multiple operating systems, if you have partitioned your drive.
  8. You can easily backup files from partition separately.
  9. If your device has got some bad sectors in a particular partition, only the files residing in that partition will get corrupted.
  10. You can store log files and cache in different drive to improve the performance



  1. You cannot save large files in disk if there is no enough space in partition but the overall space is more than enough.
  2. As partitions maintain different address tables, moving or copying of files between the partitions will take so much time.
  3. As each disks having smaller space while comparing to total disk capacity, you need to do fragmentation often in order to free some space.
  1. You will have greater chance to waste more disk space if you have a number of partitions.
  2. If you need to access data that are stored in different drives, your hard disk will have to work harder.
  1. It reduces overall performance of the systems and the partition from where data is accessed regularly.

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